Bundle Product for Magento 2

Introducing Magento 2 Bundle Product extension – a revolutionary extension designed to elevate your online store's sales and revolutionize how you offer products to your customers. This advanced module makes creating and promoting bundled products effortless, increasing sales and enhancing client satisfaction.

  • Bolster your sales through transparent user-centric product bundling
  • Augment the comfort of your store via customizable bundle options
  • Improve business strategy with in-deep, comprehensible analytics tools

Selling individual products can sometimes be strenuous, especially when those products have low standalone performance. The standard functionality of Magento lacks the tools necessary for crafting alluring bundle deals which can stimulate sales.


Our Magento Bundles extension offers a solution by allowing you to compound products in configurable and simple packs. You can present these packs at discounted rates or create custom packages, forming an incentive to make bigger purchases.

How can Magento 2 Bundled Products module elevate your store’s performance?

enlarge revenue income

Increase Average Order Value

You can create bundled offers that feature relevant products together, enticing customers with combo packages at discounted prices. By offering these alluring packs, you can encourage clients to purchase more items, thus boosting your average order value.

enhance advertising

Improve Product Promotion

With this extension, you can efficiently advertise your items by offering them as part of attractive bundles. Instead of relying on individual sales, you can bundle complementary or related items. This approach increases overall revenue and maximizes profit.

improve clients comfort

Enhance Customer Comfort

This module enriches the shopping process by providing customizable options within bundle products. Users can personalize their bundled sets according to their preferences, selecting from various options such as checkboxes, drop-down menus, multi-select, and radio buttons.

Revolutionize the way you present products with the Bundle Product module for Magento 2

Magento 2 Bundle Product with custom options module empowers you to create versatile bundle offers effortlessly. You can easily increase your sales by offering convenient options for your customers just in one click. Package deals and personal customization entice users, so use that to acquire a widened audience and win clients' loyalty.

Customizable Options

By allowing customers to customize their bundled sets, you provide them with a personalized experience. This encourages engagement and increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Dynamic Pricing and Weight

You can set dynamic prices and weights for your bundle products with Magento Bundled Products tools. This feature enables you to implement new diverse pricing strategies.

Easy Configuration

Define custom options, set shipment preferences (together or separately), and establish default quantities and positions for the bundled items. Set up compelling bundle offers with ease.

Convenient Frontend View

Customers can effortlessly interact with bundle products through a simple interface. They can view available options, make selections, and adjust quantities to create desired packs.

Key features of the Bundle Product for Magento 2 module

  • Advanced Product Bundling. Create captivating package deals that are hard for customers to resist with our extension. With the ability to mix and match products, you can curate comprehensive sets of items that meet your customers' specific needs.
  • Extensive Customizable Options. This module provides an array of interface options for your bundles. You can offer clients a simple UI with elements like checkboxes, drop-down menus, or multi-select options, making your store interactive and customer-centric.
  • Diverse Display Options. Offer your packs using various display methods. Choose one that best suits your business requirements and customer preferences. Provide an intuitive, transparent process that encourages customers to explore your offerings in depth.
  • Comprehensive Bundle Analysis. The extension offers tools to analyze the performance of your curated bundles. You can use this data to gain insights, improve your sales strategy, and tailor your offerings to what works best for your customers.
  • Multilingual Support. Achieve a broader, global customer base by offering your Magento Produkabonnement in multiple popular languages. This helps enhance your store's reach by providing a shopping environment in any customer's native language.
  • Flexible Shipping Options. Our extension allows you to decide whether to ship your bundled products together or separately. This caters to different business strategies and customer preferences, offering a more flexible approach.
  • Enhanced Product Types. Adding bundle products to your store expands your catalog and attracts customers with appealing deals. Our module allows you to diversify your offerings and provide more choices, catering to their specific users' preferences.
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