Call for Price for Magento 2

Call for price Magento 2 extension empowers e-commerce shop owners with better control over product price visibility. It offers diverse features for steamlined price negotiation process that satisfies both the shopper and the merchant. This module also offersss a seamless mobile shopping experience.

  • Hide prices from your competitors or set them visible only to specific customer groups
  • Engage your customers in produccct price negotiation, potentially boosting conversion rates
  • Flexibility and compatibility for superior mobile shopping experience


Product prices depend on lots of things that frequently change. Often price changes in a store can lead to customer confusion.


Simplify managing of price changes and make it in line with business needs and customer expectations with Call for Price.

Why Magento 2 Call for Price extension is useful for your store?

better product description

Prices per customer

Magento 2 price per customer allows unique pricing for each customer in your store.

better conversion

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Ensure a personalized shopping experience with customers negoriating prices.

satisfied customers

Boost Loyalty

Improve loyalty by offering individual prices for specific customer groups.

Magento call for price streamline price negotiations

Businesses can streamline their product price negotiation process with this extension. Enhance efficiency and minimize the possibility of mistakes. The module offers not only efficiency but also the potential for significant cost savings across e-commerce segments.

Product Price Hiding

This advanced option allows you to limit your selling information visibility for specific competitors. Also, disable price display for featured or most cheap/expensive products for particular customers. This improves loyalty by offering exclusive pricing and offerings to specific Magento 2 customer groups.

Easy Call for Price Request Management

You can create custom quote request forms of any type to collect additional customer request info, enriching your client database. Enable automatic notifications for admins when customers ask for price via Magento 2 email, improving response times.

Data Collection

Gather valuable customer information to enable personalized experiences and enhance service provision. Use redirection links for marketing purposes, directing customers to desired pages.

Rule-Based Action

The Magento 2 Call for Price extension offers rule-based actions, allowing admins to assign a specific Call for Price action to specific products or categories based on various conditions like Product Category, Product Attribute, or Attribute Set.

Key features of Magento 2 Call for Price module

  • Flexible Pricing Options. The module allows replacing standard price information with multiple flexible options to suit various business needs. You can adapt your pricing based on your current financial situation, business needs, and target audience's financial situation.
  • Hide Prices for Specific Customer Groups. This feature provides an opportunity to conceal prices from selected customer groups. This allows you to implement a targeted pricing strategy and offer custom prices to different customer groups.
  • Special Price Display on Specific Category Pages. Show special prices exclusively on selected category pages. This encourages customers to explore those categories and can help to increase sales in those specific areas.
  • Redirection Links for Marketing. Redirect customers to landing pages, contacts, or other links to stimulate more activity. This feature can help encourage customers to sign up, read blog articles, or learn more about coupons and sales.
  • Discounts on Combo Deals. Offers a discount when customers purchase a combo deal. This feature encourages customers to buy more products at a lower price, increasing overall sales.
  • Custom Quote Request Forms. The module provides the ability to create custom quote request forms. This allows you to gather additional customer request information, enriching your client database and obtaining more data for personalized offerings.
  • Notifications on Quote Requests. Enable automatic notifications when customers ask for a price. This can speed up response times, making the service more convenient and friendly for customers.
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