Catalog Permissions for Magento 2

Upgrade your e-commerce with our Advanced Permission Manager for Magento 2. This advanced tool offers robust control and granular access management, streamlining your online store administration. It's designed to provide highly customizable access levels for user roles, ensuring only the right personnel can handle sensitive operations.

  • Reinforce store security via custom access controls for all personnel
  • Enhance data protection with the help of advanced permissions for work
  • Improve admin workflow using role-specific limitations on the website

Traditional one-size-fits-all permissions can lead to unintentional errors, security breaches, or data loss. The complexity of managing a diverse team with different responsibilities necessitates a more nuanced permissions system.


Our Magento 2 module allows you to allocate permissions according to roles, ensuring each staff member and every customer has the right level of access to efficiently perform their duties or shop without compromising store security.

Why do you need our advanced permissions catalog extension for your store?

targeted sales boost

Boost Sales with Targeted Access

Provide specific customer groups exclusive access to certain products or categories, enhancing their shopping experience and boosting your sales.

manage human resources

Efficient Resource Management

Save time and resources by managing and allocating your store's content and products effectively among different customer groups or individuals.

provide better security

Strengthen Data Security

By regulating access, minimizing risks of security breaches, ensuring the safety of sensitive data, and avoiding potential mishaps due to excessive access.

Make your store transparent and optimized via Magento2 permissions

Streamline your customer experience through customizable category permissions with our module. Secure your content with product-specific access limitations and provide better navigation for your customers with CMS page/block restrictions. Advance your control tools with our extension.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By offering a tailored shopping experience, your customers can navigate your online store more easily and efficiently, which helps with conversion.

Boost Operational Efficiency

It optimizes your store's workflow by assigning appropriate permissions to each role, avoiding potential errors because of excessive data access.

Foster a Focused Work Environment

By limiting distractions, the module helps your team concentrate on their specific tasks, enhancing productivity and saving precious human resources.

CMS Element Control

The Advanced Permission Manager allows you to limit access to certain CMS elements, providing your store with an extra layer of data security.

Key features of the Catalog Permissions module for Magento 2

  • Custom Role Permissions. Tailor permissions according to role, from store managers to category managers. This ensures data integrity, reducing the risk of accidental modification or deletion because of unrestricted access.
  • Store View Limitations. Advanced Permissions allow for restrictions based on store views or websites. This means staff can be granted access to certain areas of the back end without compromising sensitive information.
  • Product Access Limitation. Protect your sensitive product information by limiting product visibility. This feature ensures only certain customer groups can view specific products, offering enhanced control over your store's products.
  • Time-based Restrictions. With our module, you can set validity periods for your catalog restrictions. This is a great feature for limited-time offers or seasonal sales, making your store's operations even more dynamic.
  • Redirection Feature. You can set a redirection URL to a different page for restricted users. This helps maintain a seamless and transparent customer shopping experience while respecting your restrictions.
  • Dashboard Statistics Customization. This feature enables you to control the display of dashboard statistics according to website permissions. This feature offers relevant data to managers without disclosing overall store statistics.
  • CMS Page/Block Restrictions. You can limit access to certain CMS pages and blocks, ensuring that only relevant customers view the content they need. No more distractions, just a focused, seamless shopping experience.
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