Company Accounts / Business Account for Magento 2

Business accounts management solution is designed to streamline your business customer's purchasing process. It simplifies for the e-commerce store setting up multiple business user accounts and allows to manage them efficiently. By creating a system that caters to your B2B customers' needs with special permissions, store credits, and personalized marketing, you can boost your order volume.

  • Provide personalized marketing and pricing capabilities based on company membership
  • Allow selected companies with the option to use Store Credits as an offline payment method, thus enhancing their overall experience
  • Let you B2B customers create and administer their business sub-accounts from the frontend
  • Automatic assignment of users to a company via domain recognition to give your B2B clients complete control over their business accounts


Fostering long-term relationships between businesses of varying sizes is crucial in B2B e-commerce. However, business customers from one company may be registered as separate entities. This leads to scattering of B2B customer accounts, and increases the complexity of tracking and managing such accounts.


Merge separate user accounts under one business account per each company. It will ensure efficient B2B management and communication. It also provides structured representation for B2B customers within your store. Managing of various departments and sub-accounts becomes simple with Magento 2 company accounts.

Why Magento account module is useful for your store?

better product description

Enhanced business customer experience

Provide a personalized experience to your B2B customers. It includes tailored pricing, product recommendations, and promotions.

better conversion

Improved order processing efficiency

Streamline the order processing and fulfillment process with Magento 2 company accounts. It also reduces errors and improves customer satisfaction.

satisfied customers

Advanced reporting and analytics tools

Track customer data, sales trends, and other key metrics. Use this information in your marketing and sales strategies. This also ensures efficient B2B management

Ensure a seamless B2B shopping experience

Convert regular Magento 2 customer accounts into company accounts and attract more clients to your store. Provide a user-friendly B2B company account hierarchy. Let users organize the purchasing process. Set specific roles and permissions for company users.

Make B2B buying easier

Turn normal customer accounts into business accounts in Magento company to attract more buyers. Offer an easy-to-use account setup for businesses, helping them manage their buying process by assigning different roles and access for each user. By letting businesses create multiple employee accounts on your store, you can increase the value each customer brings. Businesses can control their accounts, change user details, and assign roles to members. You can track the buying habits of each business and see what other members are buying.

Simpler B2B bulk shopping

With extra functionality like custom payment and shipping options, total credit balance, easy repeat orders, and dedicated sales managers, businesses can easily buy in large quantities. Businesses can track and approve their orders and quotes, and use reward points. To prevent accidental orders, businesses can set who can place orders.

Easily assing B2B customer groups

If you're dealing with businesses, it's important to correctly assign customer groups based on VAT ID because of tax laws. You can choose to automatically assign the same customer group to all users in a company. The extension adds the company info to all transaction notifications like bills, shipping notes, and other documents. This is very useful, as many users from one company can shop in your store, and store owners can easily see who to bill.

Meet B2B client requirements

Make communication easier by letting businesses create as many sub-accounts as they need. Let them add sub-accounts by providing the email addresses that can buy for them. New accounts can browse the store just like regular visitors, looking at the catalog and adding items to the cart. As a store admin, you can move users between companies, manage the company registration form, edit company info, see order history, and assign customer groups for company users.

Magento accounting extra features

  • Store Credit integration. Allow your B2B clients to be a part of your store's credit and refund system. Let them use store credits to buy more from you.
  • Email notifications. Configure info messages for both company admins and members. Provide them with timely updates on critical company events.
  • User-friendly B2B user frontend management. It allows company admins to edit user details easily. Let them quickly update their status, all from a single location.
  • Powerful B2B user management on backend. As a store admin reassign users between companies, customize the company registration form, and edit company information. View companies' order history and assign customer groups to company users.
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