Custom Stock Status for Magento 2

Transform your online store with Custim Stock for Magento 2, a robust stock management tool designed for efficiency and precision. Seamlessly track and update stock statuses, while offering customers a more intuitive and informative shopping experience. Employ the power of automation to maintain accurate inventory statuses and drive sales with visually engaging icons and labels.

  • Boost your sales opportunities with the help of visually appealing stock status icons
  • Enhance your customers' shopping experience by providing automatic stock status updates
  • Elevate customer engagement with real-time and accurate product availability information


Default Magento 2 provides limited options for stock status, with only "In Stock" and "Out of Stock" available. This limited scope fails to provide detailed information to your customers and might miss out on potential sales opportunities.


Create and customize your stock statuses with the Magento 2 Custom Stock status extension. This gives your customers a clear and detailed view of your inventory while creating attractive selling opportunities.

Why Magento2 Custom Stock extension is useful for your store?

better product description

Boost Sales Opportunities

By providing detailed stock status information, you can encourage immediate purchases and add urgency to the buying process.

better conversion

Improved Customer Experience

With real-time inventory updates, your customers stay well-informed, reducing potential frustration or confusion.

satisfied customers

Stock Status Customization

The capability to customize stock statuses offers greater flexibility to match your unique marketing strategies.

Stock Management With Automation

Transform how you manage inventory in your store. Leverage automation to get real-time stock status updates, ensuring consistent, accurate information. This tool enables condition-based status assignment, offering businesses the flexibility to assign custom statuses to products according to specific business strategies. The tool is compatibile with all product types, be it simple, configurable, group, or bundle products, reinforcing uniformity across inventory.

Automated Stock Status Assignment

Our module automates stock status updates based on product quantity ranges. You can eliminate the need for manual status changes, save precious time, and ensure that your store’s stock information is always accurate and updated.

Condition-Based Status Assign

You have the flexibility to apply your custom stock statuses to either in-stock or out-of-stock products. This gives you the power to tailor your stock statuses based on your specific business needs and strategies.

Compatible with All Product Types

Our module is versatile and applies to all kinds of products you sell—be it simple, configurable, group, or bundle. This ensures every product in your store can benefit from your unique, custom stock status, providing uniformity across your inventory.

Adaptive Mobile Friendly Design

Our module is designed to adapt perfectly to any screen size, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers whether they are using mobiles, tablets, desktops, or other devices.

Key features of Custom stock status Magento 2 module

  • Custom Stock Status Creation. This stock status extension empowers you to create unlimited custom stock statuses. Tailor each status to your store's needs and provide customers with detailed, up-to-date product availability information.
  • Automatic Stock Status Application. Custom stock status for Magento 2 can auto-assign stock statuses based on preset rules. It adjusts statuses as product quantities change, ensuring your customers always have the latest inventory information.
  • All Product Types Support. Our Magento 2 custom stock status module supports all product types - simple, configurable, group, and bundle products. Regardless of product attributes selected, your customers will see the most accurate stock status.
  • Status Labels Customization. Engage your customers with custom stock status labels. Use enticing text and visually appealing images to catch your customer's attention and incentivize purchasing.
  • Stock Status Display Control. Choose where to display stock statuses for maximum impact. Options include product listing, product detail, and shopping cart pages, as well as product widget blocks.
  • Variables Support. Embed dynamic data into your stock statuses with the use of variables, making your stock status even more informative for customers.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design. Ensuring a seamless shopping experience across all devices, Custom stock for Magento 2's custom stock status labels are fully responsive and adapt beautifully to mobile, desktop, and tablet screens.
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