Force Login for Magento 2

Magento 2 Force Sign-in extension is a feature-rich module that gives you total control over your store's visibility. With this tool at your command, you can precisely manage which marketplace areas require visitors to register before they can fully access it. Furthermore, it is a barrier that protects sensitive information from prying eyes.

  • Secure your sensitive data by implementing an enforced sign-in process
  • Personalize every user journey with customizable redirection post-login
  • Streamline customer data management via regulated account creation

Any unregulated store, as it stands, is a gold mine of information that is openly accessible to anyone, including competitors. This exposure risks sensitive product details, prices, and even business strategies. To protect your success, you must regain control over who gets to view what on your e-commerce platform.


Our module offers a powerful yet straightforward solution to this problem. By making login mandatory to access certain pages, you can shield your valuable content and ensure it remains confidential. You can further manage individual and group access and redirect unauthorized users for a smooth experience.

Why is Magento 2 Customer Force Sign-in module a must-have for your online store?

smooth out shopping process

Enhanced Shopping Experience

The redirection feature aids in guiding customers toward key pages, making their shopping journey more comfortable.

manage clients' accounts

Efficient Customer Management

The ability to control account creation improves customer management and helps target loyal and potential customers.

control user access

Controlled Accessibility

Your store's content is protected from unwanted visitors, creating a safer shopping environment for users and admins.

Tidy up your client base and improve security with our Magento 2 Force Login module

Tracking unauthorized users' activity throughout the store always takes more work. Clients with active accounts are a valuable source of insight for your business strategies, yet not everyone will register independently. By limiting page visibility to signed-in users, you are creating an incentive for passive clients and protecting your data, such as pricing or inventory, from competitors.

Selective Page Access

Our module lets you decide whether to enforce login for specific pages, categories, or the entire site, giving you maximum flexibility.

User-friendly Redirection

Set up a redirection message to guide unauthorized users. This gentle nudge tells them how to get to the pages they are interested in.

Compatibility Feature

This module is compatible with other themes and extensions, ensuring smooth integration on any Magento-based platform.

APIs Support

GraphQL and REST APIs support ensures seamless data transfer, providing an efficient and organized backend workflow.

Key features of the Magento 2 Force Sign in extension

  • Restricted Access. Our module ensures that only registered and verified users can view the critical product content and make purchases on your site.
  • Selective Page Access. This feature allows you to implement Magento force sign in on specific pages of your choice, offering additional flexibility and control.
  • Account Creation Control. With our module, you decide who can create accounts on your store, ensuring that only loyal customers can access exclusive content.
  • Redirection Feature. You can automatically redirect customers to a specific page, whether they just logged in or stumbled upon a restricted page.
  • Customizable Redirect Message. Set up a clear notification to inform users about the Magento sign in procedure, providing a user-friendly shopping experience.
  • Compatibility Assurance. Our extension is built to be compatible with most themes and seamlessly works alongside other third-party extensions.
  • Advanced APIs Connection. The module is designed to support both GraphQL and REST APIs, ensuring smooth integration and reliable operation.
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