Magento 2 Hide Price Extension

Implement flexible pricing strategies in your store with this magento 2 pricing extension. Control whom of your visitors can see the prices for specific products or entire product categories. By having such control over your pricing strategies, especially for products or services with varying costs, can create find the most suitable pricing strategy for your business needs.

  • Control pricing strategy by blocking prices from displaying for products or customer segments.
  • Offer exclusive pricing options to specific customer segments.
  • Hide prices individually and in bulk.
  • Integrate a dynamic pricing approach by selectively hiding prices or purchase options.
  • Restrict the visibility of prices to specific customers or customer groups.
  • Modify the Add to cart button message to align with your unique pricing policy.
  • Personalize the CSS style for substituted purchasing links.


Your business interests may require a pricing strategy that involves personal negotiation. However, with a default Magento functionality it may be cumbersome to hide prices for certain customer groups and particular products.


Get a comprehensive solution to your unique pricing challenges with the Magento 2 Hide Price module. Easily set customer-specific pricing while having an option for personal price negotiations.

Why Hide Price extension is useful for your business?

better prices Gain a business advantage over your competitors by displaying pricing exclusively for your customers
more revenue Get full control over your pricing strategies with a dynamic pricing display for your Magento catalog
extra revenue Balance your business interests with the customer demand by controlling the price visibility

A competitive edge for your business with Magento 2 Hide Price extension

Advance your business with a full control on who can see your prices. Get this competitive advantage over your competitors while keeping a powerful tool on demand management from your customers.

Curiosity and engagement

Target your customer’s curiosity and generate a sense of mystery by hiding product prices. This can encourage shoppers to inquire about the price or engage with the store staff to learn more. A human interaction and conversation is a powerful tool for developing deeper connection.

Personalized customer service

By not displaying prices upfront, the store can focus on providing personalized service to customers. Store staff can engage in conversations, understand customers' preferences, and recommend products based on their needs. Such customer-tailored approach can lead to enhanced customer experience and foster a sense of exclusivity.

Upselling and cross-selling

Making your customers to inquire about the product price opens up an opportunity to showcase related or complementary items. Store managers can suggest alternatives or additional products that enhance the customer's original selection while increasing the order value.

Flexibility in pricing

With products displayed without prices on your storefront, you have the flexibility to negotiate prices. Alternatively, you can offer customized pricing based on customer preferences, loyalty, and other conditions. This flexibility can lead to higher revenue in the long run.

Full control over your prices

The Hide Price Magento 2 extension is a powerful tool to perfectly target its audience while reducing the workload on its staff.

Configure a list of rules to automatically hide prices for products. Simply define a set of conditions to that must be met before the rule becomes active, and leave the rest to the Magento 2 Hide Prices extension.

With this tool you are not limited to price control per individual product, you can conceal prices for all products in a specific category in bulk.

Make your pricing policy even more flexible by activating these rules by a schedule. This is especially handy for products that should have hidden price temporarily.

hide price magento 2 extension

Multiple storefront support

This Magento 2 price controlling extension fully supports stores with multiple storeviews.

Each price hiding rule can be activated for a specific storeview. Alternatively, it can be run simultaneously for all storeviews, streamlining the process of rule management.

Price segmentation fur customer groups

Your business interests may benefit from making prices invisible for a cpecific customer groups. For example, you may configure a rule for Magento 2 hide price if not logged in. This may encourage customers to create an account, allowing you to know each of your customer better, and producing a more personalized service.

Alternatively, hiding prices can be an effective strategy for creating exclusive membership programs or loyalty tiers. By concealing prices from non-members or lower-tier customers, customers may become more interested to get a privileged pricing information.

A store working in a B2B sector can benefit from hiding its prices to get a strategic advantage during negotiation processes. Personalized discussions for optimal pricing, discounts, or bulk purchase allows the store to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

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