Marketing & Sales Automation for Magento 2

Magento Marketing Automation is your go-to tool for streamlining marketing efforts and boosting sales. It combines multiple functionalities, like reward systems, discount options, and countdown timers, in one compact solution. It empowers store owners to increase customer engagement, automate routine tasks, and enhance product visibility.

  • Boost customer loyalty through the implementation of reward points
  • Automate feedback collection with popups and daily email reminders
  • Stimulate active purchases via countdown timers for limited offers

Marketing and sales efforts can be time-consuming and needlessly complex, often distracting e-commerce business owners from focusing on innovation and implementing new ideas. Manually managing marketing processes is often detrimental for many online store owners.


Our module provides substantial automation that streamlines and simplifies regular sales and marketing tasks. Using this extension, you can free up your time to focus on growth and creativity rather than on mundane manual processes and tedious trends monitoring.

How can the Magento Marketing module make your store a better place?

enhance conversion rate

Sales Growth

You can effortlessly boost your sales by adding personalized customer journey experiences, like loyalty rewards or time-based discounts.

retain more clients

Customer Retention

Keep customers returning to your store by offering them unique rewards for specific activities, enhancing their loyalty and engagement.

save valuable resources

Resource Management

Save yourself time and resources by automating tasks, allowing you to focus more on innovative ideas and enhancing business strategies.

Boost your product's value and credibility with our tools for Magento marketplaces

Effortlessly personalize your marketing strategies to fit individual customer behaviors with this module. You can automate the email marketing process to increase customer engagement and retention. Tailor unique discounts and deals based on customer behavior, and set up automated promotional campaigns via timed events to incentivize immediate actions. Collect reviews and feedback to enhance your store and keep your customers satisfied.

Rewards Programs

Award points for specific activities such as leaving a review or placing an order, making your customers more likely to engage.

Social Proof Notifications

Display recent sales notifications and customer reviews for promoted items to build trust and encourage further purchases.

Personalize Discounts and Deals

Use collected customer information to offer personalized discounts and deals, stimulating purchases and boosting conversion rates.

Stock Status Display

Keep customers informed. Display a real-time stock status to manage clients' expectations and easily create a sense of urgency.

Key features of the Marketing & Sales Automation module for Magento 2

  • Reward Points System. Encourage customer engagement with a customizable reward system. Give points for specific actions like reviews or repeat purchases, nurturing a loyal customer base.
  • Product Countdown Timers. Create a sense of urgency with product countdown timers, ideal for limited-time offers. This feature is perfect for triggering impulse purchases, contributing to your profits.
  • Personalized Discounts. Use this feature to offer special discounts based on customer behavior and purchase history. Personalized deals enhance customer engagement and boost loyalty.
  • Advanced Product Reviews. Enhance the credibility of your commerce with an advanced rating system. Allow customers to share their opinions, increasing trust in your products and providing free marketing.
  • Recent Sales Notifications. Show recent sales notifications to give potential customers the impression of a lively, popular store. This social proof can lead to improved trust and boosted conversion rates.
  • Display Available Stock. Inform customers about the availability of items, creating a sense of urgency for products with low stock. This feature also aids in customer decision-making and bolsters user interest.
  • Popup & Email Notifications. Send email reminders or show popups at optimal times to advertise your products and services. Keep your users' screens alive with timely messages to increase their attention span.
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