Mobile Login for Magento 2

Upgrade your eCommerce platform with our Magento 2 Mobile Login extension. This innovation allows customers to log in swiftly and securely using their mobile numbers. The added layer of One-Time Password (OTP) integration ensures a comfortable and safe shopping experience for all devices.

  • Boost customer trust by implementing an OTP log in
  • Simplify the registration process via mobile number login
  • Expand clientele by providing an easy-to-use interface

In this digital age, users come from various devices. Many of them also manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Accommodating different UIs on the developers' end and trying to remember many logins and passwords on users' behalf can be tedious.


Magento Mobile Login simplifies this daunting task. By allowing customers to use their mobile numbers for login, we're eliminating the need for passwords. Coupled with an OTP layer and simple UI, it ensures heightened security and a smoother experience.

Why Magento login with mobile number is necessary in the current eCommerce landscape?

enlarge user base

Boosted Engagement

Clients will likely go through fast and simple mobile registration rather than through default methods. Simplifying sing up process will lead to an expanded customer base and, ultimately, elevated sales for the store.

improve user comfort

Enhanced Comfort

Our solution allows customers to log in smoothly using only their mobile numbers. There is no more inconvenience of remembering numerous complex passwords – the extension keeps the process straightforward.

strengthen security

Fortified Security

Our OTP login feature brings an additional layer of security to your store. By sending a unique OTP to the user's mobile number during login, we minimize security breaches and create a safe shopping environment.

Transform the login process with our Magento 2 OTP Login module

Our power-packed tools are designed to simplify the login process on your eCommerce platform. We merge security with simplicity by using mobile numbers for quick access. On top of that, One-Time Password (OTP) system will bolster your store's safety measures. Password woes will be no more – only a user-centric and secure system that caters to all incoming customers.

Easy Mobile Login

Our module allows users to register and log in using their mobile numbers. Forget about forgotten passwords – only a stress-free login process for all your clients.

Secure System

Every login attempt is authenticated using a unique code sent to the mobile device. This feature enhances security and ensures the safe handling of data.

Customizable OTP

You can choose between numeric and alphanumeric types, set the length of the code, and tailor the prefixes and postfixes to align with your needs and wants.

Email Alerts

You can send email notifications for every failed login attempt or sign in from unfamiliar IP addresses, adding an extra layer of security against fraud.

Key features of the Login With Mobile Number Magento 2 module

  • Login with Phone Number. Now users can register and access their accounts using their mobile numbers. This feature mitigates login complexity, effectively solving password fatigue.
  • One-Time Password Integration. Our module integrates the OTP system to ensure security. Each OTP, unique in nature, assures that the account access is granted only to the rightful user.
  • Customizable OTP. You can modify the OTP according to your specific preferences. Choose between numeric and alphanumeric types, and even set the desired OTP length.
  • SMS Gateway Integration. Our module seamlessly integrates with SMS gateways to ensure quick generation and delivery of OTPs, contributing to your user satisfaction metrics.
  • Custom Messages. You can also personalize any system messages. Login attempts, forgotten passwords, registration screens – all can be tailored to fit your business's style.
  • Email Notifications. Our module sends email alerts for failed login attempts or logins from a new IP address, offering a vigilant watch over potential fraudulent activities.
  • Resend Functionality. Our extension accommodates the OTP resend function in the event of an OTP timeout. This ensures uninterrupted user interaction and frictionless shopping.
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