Order Archive for Magento 2

Introducing Magento 2 Order Archive – a simple and efficient tool to declutter your order grid and keep it well-organized. This module facilitates the seamless archiving or deleting of outdated or unnecessary orders from your Magento store. It gives you superior control and enhances efficiency in your order management process, thereby improving customer experience.

  • Enhance your store's order management through efficient and scheduled order archiving
  • Keep your dashboard clean and up-to-date by automatically removing outdated orders
  • Improve your customers' shopping experience by hiding irrelevant archived orders

As an online store owner, you can often grapple with a cluttered order grid filled with old and unnecessary orders. This situation makes concentrating on new or important orders hard and reduces overall store efficiency.


With the Order Archive module, you will learn how to archive orders automatically. This extension keeps your order grid tidy and up-to-date and helps you focus on the orders that matter rather than old and unwanted ones.

What is vital about our Order Archive for Magento 2 tools for your store?

enhanced tracking of orders

Improved Order Tracking

With a cleaner, more organized order grid, managing and tracking active orders becomes significantly more manageable.

website performance improvment

Optimized Store Performance

Regular order archiving contributes to a well-structured backend, leading to better store performance and reduced workload.

improve client experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

Hide archived orders from your customers, offering them a cleaner, more streamlined view of their current operations.

See how to archive order data easily with our Magento module

Our Order Archive extension allows you to automatically archive or delete orders based on custom conditions. These tools simplify your order management process and enhance your Magento store's performance. You even can schedule to archive an order data for further automation.

Custom Archive Conditions

Set conditions like order status, customer group, or store view for orders to be archived, giving you control over your order archive. With this feature, understanding what is archived and why becomes easy.

Scheduled Archiving

Choose how to archive an order data: daily, weekly, or monthly. This feature means you won't have to worry about manually archiving orders regularly – the system handles it for you, keeping your order grid clean.

Archive Management Grid

Experience efficiency in managing your archived orders. A separate grid for archived orders lets you unarchive, delete, or view any order’s details. You can also unarchive orders in bulk using mass actions on the grid.

Customer Visibility Control

Your customers don't need to know what is archiving an order. Choose to show or hide archived orders from customers. This feature lets your customers view only relevant order information, creating a simple user interface.

Key features of the Order Archive for Magento 2 extension

  • Customizable Archive Options. Set conditions like order status, customer group, or store view for orders to be archived, giving you control over your order grid. With this feature, understanding your data stream becomes easy.
  • Changing Archiving Frequency. Choose the frequency of the archiving process: set it to daily, weekly, or monthly. With this tool, you won't have to worry about order archiving regularity – the system will automatically handle it.
  • Order Management Interface. You don’t need to search how to see archived orders. A separate grid only for archived orders lets you manage any order’s details. You can even perform mass actions, like unarchiving data in bulk.
  • API Support. Our module's API support extends your control beyond the admin panel. This feature allows you to manage order archives outside the admin panel, giving you more flexibility in your management process.
  • Email Notifications. Stay informed about every step in your archiving process. With our module, you can receive emails when orders get archived. This ensures you are always kept up-to-date with your order management processes.
  • Client Transparency Control. Choose what your customers see. This feature lets you show or hide archived orders from customers, providing them with a more streamlined user interface and a better shopping experience.
  • Cron Tasks Management. Manage all existing tasks on a Cron Tasks List grid. This feature lets you efficiently control your tasks, delete them in bulk, and use filtering and sorting options to elevate the archiving process.
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