Order Attributes for Magento 2

Magento 2 Order Attributes provides a seamless way to embedd custom data fields on any checkout page you need. It's a smart solution to gather crucial customer information effortlessly. Our module empowers store owners to personalize their order processing, making it more efficient and customer-friendly.

  • Customize the checkout page with unlimited number of attributes
  • Display order attributes during checkout, providing transparency for shoppers
  • Collect additional customer data during checkout to improve order processing efficiency


Default order attributes in Magento 2 don't offer enough customization. This limits your ability to collect essential information about your customers' preferences during checkout process.


Magento Order attributes module provides a customizable platform that allows you to add unlimited attributes to your orders. This module makes it easy to collect more info on customers during checkout.

Why Order Attributes for Magento 2 is useful for your store?

better conversion

Better Data Analysis

Collected additional user shopping data to get valuable insights for strategic decision-making and marketing.

better product description

Enhanced Order Processing

Present a professional look to your store while efficiently managing and processing customers' orders.

satisfied customers

Improve Customer Targeting

Tailor the checkout process to different customer segments. Set attribute visibility for specific store views or customer groups.

Streamline Your Order Process with Additional Order Attributes

Streamline your order process and gather crucial data for enhancing order processing with the ability to collect additional order attributes during checkout. Customize the checkout process to capture important information such as order comments, delivery time, surveys, wrapping preferences, and more. With automated attribute display based on specific conditions, you can create a seamless and intuitive checkout experience while reducing the workload for your store administrators.

Collect Additional Order Attributes

Add an unlimited number of custom order attributes to be captured during checkout. On checkout pages create additional fields for order comments, delivery time, surveys, gift wrapping preferences, and more. Gather any necessary data for enhanching order processing in your store.

Customize Your Checkout Process

Personalize the checkout process for your customers. Let them specify additional info on thheir orders by selecting from multiple order attribute types such as text fields, dropdowns, dates. Set input validation to ensure standard formats for data input. Customize attribute visibility for specific store views and customer groups.

Automate Order Attributes Display

Display attributes based on a set of specific conditions. This can be such conditions as the completion of parent attributes or selected shipping methods. Provide a seamless and logical checkout flow by specifying what attributes to be displayed in each checkout step.

Reduce Store Admin Workload

The module extends the standard Magento order grid, incorporating your newly added custom attributes. This provides a more comprehensive view of orders at a glance. Make your order management more efficient.

Order Attributes for Magento 2 key features

  • Custom Order Attributes. Add an unlimited number of custom order attributes to capture specific information during checkout. Create fields for order comments, delivery time, surveys, gift wrapping preferences, and more.
  • Flexible Attribute Options. Choose from a variety of attribute types, including text fields, dropdowns, dates, and file attachments. Customize attribute visibility for specific store views or customer groups, and set attribute priority for a seamless checkout flow.
  • Integration and Compatibility. Seamlessly integrate with popular extensions like PDF Invoice, One Step Checkout M2, Custom Order Number, and Mass Order Actions. Enable tooltip support for attribute guidance and note display, and set input validation to ensure standardized data formats.
  • Streamlined Backend Management. View additional attribute information on the order grid for easy tracking and processing. Easily update, follow, and process customers' orders with all relevant attributes in one place. Add new attributes to PDF invoices, transactional emails, and Magento printed PDF files effortlessly.
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