Magento 2 Order Status

Magento 2 Order Status is a flexible tool for tailoring your order workflow to your store's requirements. Design your own statuses to improve your workflow and align it with your specific goals. Keep track of order processing statuses in real-time through statistics and graphs in the admin panel, and keep your customers informed about their order status with email notifications.

  • Enhance conversions with well-defined order processing.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and trust by enabling them to track order status from their account.
  • Access visual data on order statuses for a clearer understanding of sales processes.


Each store has its workflow, requiring customization for flexibility. The basic functionality may not meet the specific workflow logic of your business needs.

Magento offers an everyday order-processing workflow for all types of stores. But the specifics of your goods may require their order statuses and order processing, so flexible settings of your store's statuses are a necessity.


Magento 2 Order Status is a module that allows you to customize your workflow how you need it. Make the workflow more straightforward. Easily edit statuses directly from the admin panel and get visual order processing statistics such as date, time, and status. Your customers will also be able to conveniently track their order status in their account using the progress bar.

Why is Magento 2 Order Status functional for your store?

Improvement of work processes

Create as many statuses as you need, flexibly configure them in the admin panel, receive visual data on orders in real-time.

Increases sales potential

When customers can easily track their purchase status, it builds trust. A good shopping experience increases the chance that customers will come back to your store.

The shopping experience improves

Sending automated messages to update customers on their order status enhances user experience and builds trust in your business

Create and edit order statuses according to your workflow

Our module provides an ability to create a flexible and efficient order processing system. Easily edit and add custom order statuses, customizing them to your business goals.Promptly notify customers of changes to their orders.

Visualization of processes

Visualize your processes easily using graphs and statistics. Easily track order status with visual data

Track order statuses in real-time

With the help of Ajax technologies, always receive the most up-to-date data about your orders.


The application supports many languages, which helps to successfully localize your business.

Customer feedback

Your customers will receive automatic emails updating them on the progress of their order. This feature greatly enhances your customers' trust and peace of mind.

Magento 2 Order Status key features

  • Flexible order processing settings. Tailor statuses to align with your business requirements, providing a flexible and efficient order processing system.
  • Easily create custom statuses. Easily add and edit statuses in the admin panel.
  • Real-time order tracking. With the help of AJAX technologies, admin can track your orders in real time.
  • Get a visual picture of order statuses with graphs and statistics on the dashboard. Track information such as time, date, and order status using statistics and graphs.
  • Multilingual support. The application supports many languages, which is convenient for foreign customers.
  • Set up automatic messages. Enhance communication by configuring automatic messages for customers and shop owners, ensuring everyone stays informed about specific order states and statuses.
  • Customer order status tracking. Customers can monitor the order status in their account using the progress bar.
  • Support for exporting orders in CVS and Excel XML files. Export all order information: product, payment, refund, discount, or other data that is important to you.
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