Partial Payment for Magento 2

Introducing our Magento 2 Partial Payments system – enhance flexibility, increase conversions, and boost customer retention with this single module. Allow your customers to make customizable installment payments. Ease their shopping experience and provide a boost to your conversion rates. Our tool offers a flexible and manageable system to control how payments are made in your store.

  • Expand payment options for users via different installment plans
  • Increase conversion rate with a customer-centric payment system
  • Keep in touch with payers through automated email notifications

High-priced items or budget constraints often deter customers from immediate purchases, leading to delayed purchasing decisions and potential losses in sales conversions.


The Partial Payment Magento 2 module addresses this by providing an easy way for customers to pay in installments, reducing initial costs, and making high-cost items affordable.

How Magento 2 Partial Payment system can improve your store?

boost sales rates

Increase Store Sales Rates

Providing a partial payment solution can help attract and retain customers who are otherwise hesitant to make high-value purchases.

improve client conversion

Boost Customer Retention

By offering a flexible payment option, you can increase your chances of converting one-time customers into patrons for your business.

enhance checkout efficiency

Improve Checkout Experience

With an easy-to-use and clear installment payment system, you will enhance the checkout experience and reduce cart abandonment.

Boost customer loyalty with an easily managed Magento 2 Partial Payment module

Partial Payment extension is crucial for enhancing your store's sales strategy by expanding payment options, increasing conversion rates, and boosting customer loyalty. Its features, designed to improve the shopping experience, ensure that customers enjoy the freedom and convenience of making partial payments. With our module, you can position your e-commerce store as a flexible and customer-centric option, ultimately increasing your business performance.

Flexible Installment Plans

With the Magento Partial Payment extension, you can set the number of installments according to your business strategy. This feature provides an easy way for customers to understand and manage their payment schedule.

Customer Group Settings

You can enable the partial payment facility for particular customer groups. This allows you to give flexible payment solutions to specific segments of your established customer base, such as premium or long-term customers.

Tailored Payment Schedules

You can customize payment schedules based on your sales strategy and customer requirements. This tool ensures that customers find a payment plan that suits their needs, improving the shopping experience and your retention rates.

Partial Payment for Multiple Orders

The module allows customers to make partial payments for multiple orders at once. This feature adds a new layer of convenience for customers making several purchases, which smoothens interactions with your store.

Key features of the Magento 2 Partial Payment extension

  • Flexible Payment Options. Our module allows customers to split their payments over a predetermined period. This feature enables customers to manage their finances better, making expensive items more affordable and encouraging larger purchases.
  • Various Payment Methods. Magento 2 Split Payment extension supports native-to-the-system payment methods as well as PayPal and other unconventional options. Now your customers can use their preferred method when making partial payments.
  • Email Notification System. An automated email system is included, reminding your customers of their upcoming installments. This solution decreases the chances of missed payments and helps maintain a smooth installment payment process.
  • Advanced Invoice Management. Quickly create and send invoices with the required installment amount to your customers. Customers can view and print invoices from their accounts, providing you with clear communication about their payment plan.
  • Customer Verification. Offer native to Magento 2 pay later option only to verified customers who already have at least one completed order. This tool ensures a predictable revenue stream, secures sales, and eliminates the possibility of fraud.
  • Automatic Email Alerts. Our module sends automated email notifications about due payments. This feature ensures that your customers are always aware of their upcoming payments, reducing the likelihood of missed installments.
  • Easy Admin Management. All partial payment orders can be easily viewed and managed from the admin panel. Because of this, overseeing and managing all partial payments is easy, offering an organized solution to installment plan needs.
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