Point of Sale System for Magento 2

Expand your business capabilities with our Magento Point of Sale system. This ground-breaking extension is tailored to refine your checkout operations and enhance customer service quality. It ensures you have all-encompassing control over your sales activities through a state-of-the-art Magento PoS integration, seamlessly merging your online and offline stores.

  • Drastically simplify sales via an additional easy checkout feature
  • Enhance control over inventory through the real-time stock update
  • Optimize customer experience with the swift performance system

Running a successful online store is often a complex task. You continuously juggle sales management, inventory tracking, and maintaining a high-quality customer experience. These factors can sometimes become overwhelming.


Our PoS for Magento is here to alleviate those pains quickly. This comprehensive solution streamlines the sales process effortlessly, enhancing your grip on inventory management and improving the customer's buying experience.

Why our PoS Magento system is vital to improving your store efficiency?

streamline checkout

Simplified Checkout Experience

Our Magento PoS system transforms checkout into a simple, speedy procedure. It significantly reduces the number of steps your customers must go through to complete a purchase.

enhance inventory managment

Streamlined Inventory Management

The module's real-time inventory updates feature ensures you maintain accurate stock levels at all times. With its help, you can avoid potential embarrassment due to unexpected stockouts.

enrich client experience

Elevated Customer Engagement

Our Magento PoS integration enhances customer relationship management by providing crucial data about your clients. This data helps to provide personalized service for every user.

Gain improved website oversight with our Magento PoS software

PoS integration with Magento offers a cohesive platform to streamline your sales operations. This extension paves the way for quicker checkouts and perfectly coordinated sales channels across multiple platforms. It provides a seamless sales process, real-time inventory updates, and a delightful customer experience, making it a must-have for your online store.

Coordinated Inventory Management

With our Magento 2 PoS software, your inventory across all platforms stays perfectly synchronized, eliminating the risk of overselling and ensuring consistent stock availability.

Uninterrupted Transactions

Our PoS system for Magento 2 equips your business to conduct quick, efficient, and error-free checkouts. With it, you can elevate the shopping experience for your customers.

Multi-store Management

PoS integration Magento module allows you to manage multiple stores from one centralized platform. Track sales, inventory, and performance across all your stores with ease.

Swift Performance Feature

Experience fast, seamless performance without lags or delays. POS tools ensure the smooth running of your online store, significantly improving customers' shopping process.

Key features of the PoS system for Magento 2

  • Easy Checkout for Customers. This feature provides a simplified checkout process for customers. It eliminates unnecessary steps, making it quicker to complete purchases. Through our Magento PoS extension, the checkout process is but a breeze.
  • Real-time Stock Update. Our PoS Magento 2 system gives you constant access to up-to-date stock levels. The module ensures you never have to cancel orders due to stockouts. It's an essential feature for accurate inventory management.
  • Reporting and Analytics Feature. The PoS module also provides robust reporting and analytics. You can gain valuable insights into your internal sales operations and make data-driven decisions that align with your business objectives.
  • Multiple Payment Methods. The extension includes many payment methods: credit and gift cards, cash, and other unconventional web wallets. This feature adds a layer of convenience and smoothness to your customer's shopping experience.
  • Omnichannel Support. Whether your customer shops in-store, online, or via social media, our system ensures consistent inventory and order management across all channels, enhancing your retail strategy.
  • Customizable UI. Personalize your system to align with your business needs. Our customizable user interface allows you to design your workflow per your preferences, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Magestore Compatibility Feature. Our module integrates perfectly with Magestore PoS. This compatibility broadens your store functionality, adding a new layer of efficiency to your sales process and operations.
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