Pre Order for Magento 2

Magento 2 Pre-Order module is a user-friendly tool that revolutionizes the management of pre-orders and backorders for your online store. The flexibility of Magento 2 allows it to bring simplicity to stock management and heightens your marketing prowess while providing an engaging shopping experience for customers. It offers a seamless, user-friendly process, empowers your business to meet customer demands, and subsequently boosts sales.

  • Streamline pre-orders through an advanced inventory system
  • Boost customer interaction via an easy-to-use interface
  • Enhance sales through pre-order capability

Keeping track of out-of-stock items and handling pre- or backorders can take much work. The risk of missed sales opportunities due to unavailable items is frustrating and potentially detrimental to your business growth.


Our Magento 2 Pre Order extension is a seamless solution that enables customers to easily pre-order out-of-stock items. It ensures that no orders go unnoticed and provides valuable insights into product demand for future strategic inventory planning.

Why is the Magento 2 Preorder feature vital for your store?

efficient stock strategy

Efficient Inventory Planning

You can efficiently strategize and plan your inventory through valuable insights gained from customer pre-orders, taking care of Magento 2 missing orders, and monitoring users’ demands.

improved client conversion

Enhanced Customer Retention

The module lets you keep customers engaged even when the desired product is not currently available. This strengthens customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of future sales.

increased business income

Boosted Sales

The ability to pre-order helps secure sales that would otherwise be lost due to out-of-stock situations or product release timings. It effectively transforms waiting time into a sales opportunity.

Use Preorder Magento tools to keep every single client

This carefully crafted blend of technology and customer-centric design provides a streamlined platform for customers to pre-order out-of-stock or forthcoming items. The module interface is easily customizable, so as messages for availability. Adding support for mixed products in carts will also give you the best user experience for your store.

Advanced Notice System

Keep your customers informed about the status of pre-order items through automated notifications. This proactive approach helps retain customers, even if they didn’t find the items they wanted at the time.

Mixed Cart Support

This feature allows customers to add regular and pre-order items to the same cart. This flexibility enriches the shopping experience, allowing customers to create elaborate shopping plans without restrictions.

Customizable Pre-Order Buttons and Messages

Our Preorder Magento 2 module offers the capability to create custom buttons and messages. This personal touch to your online store attracts customers to pre-order items and strengthens your brand image.

Detailed Analytics

With this Magento Pre Order tool, you can analyze pre-orders on a dedicated dashboard. This feature helps you understand trends, predict future demand, and create a profitable stock management strategy.

Key features of Pre Order Magento 2 module

  • Intuitive Pre-Order System. Our extension allows customers to pre- or backorder out-of-stock items with ease. They also have the advantage of knowing when the items will be back in stock, enhancing their engagement and contributing to overall customer satisfaction.
  • Transparent Backorder Tracking. Customers can easily track their backorders straight from their accounts in every small detail. This promotes transparency and builds trust in your brand and business practices, incentivizing them to return for more shopping.
  • Versatile Mixed Cart Options. Our Magento Preorder module allows customers to add pre-ordered or not yet released products with regular ones to a single cart. This added convenience enhances their overall shopping experience and promotes customer loyalty.
  • Pre-order Notifications. Our solution automatically notifies customers about the status of their pre-orders. This consistent communication improves customer experience and satisfaction, which in the future provides your business with returning clients.
  • Customizable Labels & Buttons. Make your pre-order process unique to your brand by customizing many visual attributes of an interface. This function ensures your pre-order pages are aligned with your branding, enhancing recognition and conversion rates.
  • Display of Expected Available Date. Our Pre Order Magento module communicates transparency by informing customers about the expected restocking date of pre-ordered items. This information builds trust and assures customers that their order is coming.
  • Mobile-Optimized Design. The extension is fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring customers can effortlessly place orders from anywhere at any time. This mobile compatibility guarantees a seamless and convenient shopping experience, irrespective of the device used.
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