Product Alerts for Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Alerts is your helper that keeps customers updated about stock availability and price changes. This extension serves as your virtual assistant, easing your customer engagement tasks. It's a timely communicator that bridges the gap between your store and customers, ensuring they are always up-to-date with product information.

  • Enhance customer experience via Magento 2 out of stock notification
  • Encourage purchases through alerts about product price-changes
  • Streamline operations with automated or manual notification delivery

It isn’t very pleasant for a shopper to find their desired product out of stock. This usually results in losing customers to other stores. Additionally, customers longing for a price drop in their favorite product need a mechanism to get informed about it.


Product Alert Magento 2 automatically updates customers on product availability and price drops. It sends them emails when their favored items are back in stock, or the price falls within their desired range. This keeps them engaged and prevents potential sales loss.

Why is Magento 2 out of stock extension useful for your online store?

improve customer conversion

Increase Customer Retention

Effortlessly hold onto your customers by providing them with timely updates on product availability and price changes. Enhanced shopping experience makes clients loyal to your store.

help unregistered clients

Improve Unregistered User Experience

Enhance the shopping experience by enabling non-login customers to receive Magento 2 out of stock notifications, making your store accessible and user-friendly, and improving conversion rates.

enhance website productivity

Optimize Business Strategies

Leverage the module’s data reports on product requests to understand customer preferences better and fine-tune your business strategies to keep yourself up-to-date with trends.

Boost your conversion rates and enhance your user experience

Our module is a comprehensive tool that keeps your customers informed and engaged. This module helps online stores create powerful communication bridges by providing updates on product availability and price changes. It guarantees improved customer service and a smooth shopping experience.

Out-of-Stock Alerts

Never let a product being unavailable be a hindrance again. Our out of stock notification Magento 2 extension provides immediate alerts when a product is back in stock, ensuring customers remain connected.

Price-Change Alerts

Price fluctuations can influence purchase decisions. With our Product Alert module, customers are notified when the price of their desired product changes, encouraging them to finalize their purchase.

Customizable Alert Subscription

Customers can easily manage their subscriptions, choosing to be alerted for all product types. This feature increases the chances of conversion by maintaining constant updates on prices and availability.

Support for Non-Login Customers

Our out of stock notifications Magento 2 extension even caters to non-logged-in customers. This feature helps expand your customer base by encouraging newcomers to subscribe for alerts and notifications.

Key features of Product Alerts for Magento 2 extension

  • Auto Email Notifications. This Magento 2 tool allows automatic or manual email notifications for customers when products are back in stock or experience a price change. This ensures your customers stay informed without having to check your site constantly.
  • Stock and Price Alerts. The out of stock notification for Magento 2 feature provides alerts for all types of products. Whether it's a price drop alert or a restock notification, your customers are always updated, improving their shopping experience.
  • Customizable Alert Subscription. Customers can easily manage their subscriptions, choosing to be alerted for any specific product type. This feature increases the chances of conversion by letting customers keep track of their preferred products without any annoyance.
  • Customer Group Selection. Choose which customer groups can view certain product alert information. This helps target specific customer groups with personalized notifications instead of blind sending. This ensures precision and fine-tuned client targeting.
  • Support for All Customers. Customer experience is paramount. With this feature, even non-login customers can easily subscribe for alerts and notifications, enhancing convenience and engagement for the entirety of the audience, not only for the existing base.
  • All-around Compatibility. From simple to configurable products, our tools support all product types, making them versatile for different businesses. Seamless integration with other Magento extensions ensures an efficient operating environment for your online store.
  • Analytical Reports. Our Product Alert extension offers comprehensive data reports on product requests. Reports provide valuable insights into the most requested items and the price range that attracts customers, helping to create new business strategies.
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