Product Configurator for Magento 2

The Magento Product Configurator is an innovative tool that breathes new life into the online shopping experience. Acting as an extensive items customizer, it places product customization directly in the hands of your customers. Packed with essential features, this groundbreaking extension serves as a distinctive selling point for your online store. With it, you can gain an edge in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

  • Boost revenue by giving clients comprehensive, personalized offerings
  • Augment user experience through interactive real-time items previews
  • Simplify backend operations with robust automated management tools

Many Magento store operators must grapple with the default platform's limited capabilities. This gap in functionality can result in a cumbersome and time-consuming process, both for the end user attempting to customize their desired product and the administrator tasked with managing the complexities of product variants and pricing.


Our state-of-the-art product configurator elevates this process. In addition to enriching the customer's shopping experience, this solution empowers store administrators by automating the management of product variants and custom pricing. This translates to improved customer satisfaction, higher conversions, and increased sales.

Why is Magento Product Customizer an invaluable addition to your online store?

boost customer interactions

Amplified Customer Engagement

Our product customizer module's interactive and user-friendly nature keeps customers engrossed, elevating their shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of finalizing a purchase.

enhance sales rates

Potential for Sales Growth

With the added personalization option, your store can cater to wider audiences' specific preferences. This level of customization can provide increased customer satisfaction and, ultimately, higher sales.

simplify backend operations

Streamlined Backend Management

The product configurator streamlines backend operations, making it easier for admins to manage multiple product variants and custom pricing. This centralization reduces the chances of errors.

Experience the future of e-commerce with our product configurator Magento tools

Product Configurator for Magento 2 is a feature-packed module designed to elevate the customer's shopping experience. Customizer allows your clients to fully create a personalized version of the desired products. It offers an immersive platform where clients can preview design changes in real time. The module also provides administrators with simplified backend tools for managing all the operations.

Heightened Customer Engagement

Your customers will further engage with your website, exploring various product customizations and enhancing the user engagement metric.

Increased Conversion Rates

The ability to personalize products is a significant factor in purchasing decisions, increasing the likelihood of customers completing their purchases.

Augmented Sales

By providing unlimited product configurations, you will likely see an uptick in your average order value, widened auditory, and boosted sales.

Custom Pricing Options

Setting custom prices for each product variation lets you monetize every unique product design while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Key features of the Magento Configurator extension

  • Unlimited Product Configurations. Our configurator offers boundless possibilities by allowing an unlimited range of product options. This caters to each client's unique needs, making your online store the premier destination for customized products.
  • Live Product Preview. This feature forms the core of the personalized shopping experience. Customers can instantly see product changes come to life, fostering a sense of engagement and reducing return rates due to unmet expectations.
  • Comfortable Mobile Design. A significant portion of online shopping now occurs through mobile devices. Because of this, we offer a mobile-responsive design, ensuring seamless and user-friendly shopping operations on all devices.
  • Multilingual Support. Catering to global e-commerce stores, our extension offers a multilingual UI. This allows you to provide fully localized shopping for customers from different parts of the world, enhancing the usability of your store.
  • Visual Product Image/Color Swatches. With the addition of image/color swatches, your customers can easily visualize the final version of their product. This feature facilitates an interactive and immersive shopping process and boosts user loyalty.
  • Easy Backend Management. Managing product variants and images from the admin panel is a breeze with our products configurator. This user-centric feature saves valuable time, freeing you to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.
  • Flexible Custom Pricing. Our Magento customizer allows you to set different prices for each product variant. The result is dynamically calculated considering the original product cost and the added cost of each customization option.
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