Quick order for Magento 2

Magento 2 Quick Order is a must-have tool for online stores aiming to simplify their shopping process. This module simplifies bulk purchases, cuts down time on placing an order, and ensures your customer's convenience. It will transform your online store, making bulk shopping a breeze.

  • Streamline customer's shopping experience via Quick Search Feature
  • Enable fast bulk purchases via CSV Upload Feature
  • Reduce cart abandonment via Fast Checkout Feature


Traditional online shopping process can be time-consuming and inefficient for customers who already know what they want or need to place bulk orders.


Provide a fast and seamless way to add products to the cart in bulk, and checkout faster. Magento quick order helps customers get what they need with less time.

Why Magento2 Quick Order extension is useful for your store?

better product description

Increased Sales Potential

By offering a speedy and user-friendly shopping experience, you can encourage customers to purchase more.

better conversion

Improved Customer Satisfaction

A simplified shopping process leads to happier customers, and happier customers are more likely to become repeat buyers.

satisfied customers

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Reduce the workload on your customer service and operations team by enabling self-service bulk orders.

Magento Quick Order transforms B2B shopping

The enhanced Magento 2 Quick Order extension greatly simplifies the shopping process for B2B customers and wholesalers. This tool now allows users to place bulk orders using CSV or XML files. It also introduces on-the-fly SKU validation to minimize ordering errors, instantly alerting users about any SKU mismatches or out-of-stock items. Lastly, it promises seamless access on both mobile and desktop platforms, and enables quick orders from category pages for an effortless shopping experience.

Bulk Order via CSV/XML Files

Users can order multiple products at once by uploading a CSV or XML file. This function is incredibly useful for B2B customers and wholesalers who frequently place large orders, making Magento 2 Fast Order truly handy.

On-the-Fly SKU Validation

The Quick Order extension validates SKUs instantly, reducing the risk of ordering errors. It will alert shoppers to any SKU mismatches or out-of-stock items, saving them the trouble of starting over from scratch.

Easy Access on Mobile and Desktop

Our Magento 2 Quick Order tool boasts a user-friendly interface that's easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices. It assures a smooth shopping experience, no matter where your customers are.

Quick Order from Category Pages

Besides the quick order form, customers can also place quick orders from category pages, making it easier to order multiple items from a specific category.

Magento 2 Fast Order extension key features

  • Quick Search. This feature allows customers to find products by typing in their names or SKU. It saves browsing time and speeds up the purchasing process. Our Quick Search has been tailored for those seeking a Quick Order Magento solution.
  • CSV Upload. With our CSV Upload feature, customers can upload a CSV file to place bulk orders. It's perfect for B2B customers who require large quantities of your products, simplifying the ordering process significantly.
  • Fast Checkout. This feature helps reduce cart abandonment by offering a streamlined and straightforward checkout process. With Magento 2 Quick Order, it's all about getting customers from browsing to buying in the shortest possible time.
  • Multiple Product Type Support. Our module supports a variety of product types, including simple, virtual, bundle, and configurable products. It ensures that all your offerings can be part of the Quick Order journey.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design. The module is engineered for mobile compatibility, providing a streamlined shopping experience across all devices. It facilitates speedy and effective order placement for customers, even while they're on the move.
  • Customizable Quick Order Form. The module allows you to customize the quick order form as per your preferences. You can add or remove fields to simplify the form and make it easier for your customers to place orders.
  • Easy Integration. Our Quick Order for Magento 2 module is easy to integrate with your Magento store. It requires no technical expertise, ensuring a smooth implementation process.
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