Review Reminder for Magento 2

Review Reminder for Magento 2 is a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution for boosting your customer engagement. It's a top-notch automated reminder system that encourages your clients to share their product experiences. With tailored settings and functionalities, it improves SEO ranking, strengthens customer loyalty, and ultimately, elevates your sales.

  • Boost customer engagement via automated reminders
  • Enhance SEO through customer reviews
  • Increase sales by building brand trust


Despite enjoying their purchases, many customers often forget to leave reviews or simply back away from the process, thereby limiting the amount of valuable user-generated content available to your potential customers.


Magento 2 Review Reminder addresses this issue by automatically nudging customers to share their thoughts and experiences. This helps your potential customers in making their purchasing decisions and enhances store SEO.

Why Magento account module is useful for your store?

better conversion

Increased sales

With more reviews, your store gains credibility, which eventually translates into increased sales.

better product description

Enhanced SEO performance

Through increased customer reviews, it organically improves your website's search engine ranking.

satisfied customers

Better brand trust

Genuine customer reviews help your potential buyers building trust in your brand.

Transform customer interactions in your store

The Magento 2 review extension helps to spur customer engagement and reviews. Enhanced email customization options - including rich text, images, and hyperlinks - promise more engaging and eye-catching communications. While advanced customer segmentation capabilities ensure that your review reminders are accurately targeted. ALso, with customizable incentives and coupons you can expect a significant uplift in customer retention.

Incentives and Coupons

Boost engagement by offering incentives in the form of unique coupons. You can customize these coupons according to your marketing strategy, enhancing customer participation in leaving reviews.

Comprehensive Control over Reminders

Our review reminder for Magento 2 gives you the power to manually control the reminders, giving you the ability to edit, delete, or manually send out reminders as per your needs.

Rich Text and Email Customization

Not just plain text, this Magento product reviews extension offers a rich text editor for crafting your reminder emails. This means you can include images, hyperlinks, and various font styles to make your emails more engaging and attractive.

Detailed Customer Segmentation

Review Reminder for Magento 2 provides detailed customer segmentation capabilities. Define rules based on store views, customer groups, product types, and attributes, ensuring that your review reminders are targeted and relevant.

Magento Review reminder features

  • Automatic Email Reminders. Your online store will automatically send friendly reminders to customers asking them to leave a review. It makes the process effortless. The more reminders you send, the more reviews you get.
  • Precise Targeting. Send emails based on specific conditions like customer groups or product types. With a set of automated rules you can easily message any of your customer and ask for their review. Automated rules allow the email to be more personalized, increasing the the chances of getting a response.
  • Unique Coupon Codes. Offer incentives to customers by adding unique coupons to your reminders. Each coupon can only be used once, making them a special gift for each reviewer. It's a fantastic way to encourage reviews and repeat purchases.
  • Google Analytics Integration. Track the performance any review reminder email you have sent with Google Analytics. Understand what's working and what needs to be changed to increase the customer engagement. It's like having a compass guiding your email strategy.
  • Easy Unsubscribe Option. Stay compliant and respectful by providing an easy unsubscribe option to your customers. It's important to let your customers know that their preferences matter.
  • Customizable Templates. Change the look of your reminders with our customizable templates. Personalize them to fit your brand. A good-looking email is a well-read email.
  • Control Over Reminders. You can decide when and to whom the reminders are sent. You have the power to manually send, delete, or even edit the reminders as per your needs. You are in control.
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