Store Locator for Magento 2

Magento Store Locator is a bridge between your online and physical sales points. Seamlessly integrate your physical store locations with your e-commerce site. Make shopping more convenient for your customers by helping them find your nearest physical store.

  • Enhance customer convenience with each of your physical stores marked on interactive map
  • Boost offline sales by showcasing product availability in your physical stores
  • Provide personalized shopping experience with store-specific filter option


The online shopping experience can feel impersonal and detached. Customers may miss the tangible experience of shopping in a physical store. Yet shoppers may want a convenience of checking product availability online.


Store Locator for Magento 2 effortlessly solves this issue by guiding customers to your nearest store location, showing product availability, and providing vital store-specific details like its work schedule.

Why Magento 2 Store Location extension is useful for your store?

better product description

Seamless Omni-channel Experience

Bridge the gap between your online and offline stores. Provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers. They may start shopping online, and finish shopping in a physical store.

better conversion

Increased Footfall in Physical Stores

Show info from your physical stores on you e-commerce web site. Encourage visitors to visit your physical stores by providing them with store location and product availability.

satisfied customers

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Offer store-specific details and navigational assistance to enhance your customer engagement and loyalty. Easy integration with your site provides a smoother shopping experience.

Give the best from online and physical stores

Merge seamlessly the digital and physical retail worlds to give your customers the best shopping experience. The game-changing Magento2 Store Locator tool transforms the way customers navigate through all your sales points.

Offer shoppers an interactive map of your physical stores. Display product availability, and other store-specific details. All of this with an advanced filtering options for customers to locate the most suitable sales point for them.

  • Interactive Store Map. An intuitive and interactive map to display your store locations. Customize the map view to suit your preferences. Make it easy for customers to find their way with our store locator Magento 2 extension.
  • Product Availability Display. Highlight product availability at various stores. Direct customers to offline stores with desired products, thus providing a convenient shopping experience through this Magento 2 store locator plugin.
  • Store-Specific Details. Provide crucial information about each store including opening hours, amenities available, etc. Personalize the shopping experience with our magento 2 storelocator.
  • Advanced Filter Options. Allow customers to find the best-suited store as per their needs using advanced filter options. Filter stores by parking availability, payment methods, and more with the help of our Magento store locator extension.
  • Store Reviews. Let your customers share their opinions about your stores. Display store ratings and reviews on each location page to build credibility and trust.
  • Customizable Google Markers. Customize your Google markers to make your store locations easily identifiable. Make your Magento extension stores stand out with unique markers.
  • Panoramic Street View. Offer a realistic view of the surroundings of your store location with the panoramic street view feature. Give customers a real-time visual experience of your store location with our Magento 2 store locator extension.

Interactive navigation to physical stores

Let your customers find the your physical store that suits them most. The module displays the store location and other store data on an interactive online map. The map service is provided by the Google Maps, allowing customers to use all navigation capabilities of modern Android and iOS devices.

Simple navigation

Shoppers can build routes to the chosen store and get directions to it on their smartphone.

Store info on a map

Provide every pinned store on the map with its main data. Namely, its address and work hours.

Quickly finding suitable store with filters

Customers may find the most suitable store by using the filtering option. For example, they may exclude stores outside of a specific range. Alternatively, shoppers may filter out stores with working hours that do not fit in their timetable.

Show the look of a physical store

Add photos to show your physical store so your customers could easily spot it when they arrive on place. Some stores can have a non-obvious entrance, and you can showcase this with explanatory photos.

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