Tier Price for Magento 2

The Magento Tier Price module is an advanced tool that offers a new approach to managing pricing in your store. It caters to a wide array of customers by offering flexible pricing options based on purchasing quantity. This innovative tool simplifies your pricing management and significantly boosts your sales by motivating customers to buy in bulk. It's an essential asset to any marketspace owner looking to optimize their pricing strategy.

  • Motivate larger purchases through an automated tier pricing table
  • Amplify customer engagement via dynamic, flexible tier price settings
  • Enhance pricing strategy with tier prices for specific customer groups

When your online store starts expanding its customer base, manual price management can quickly become a burdensome and inefficient task. This traditional method needs more clarity and may lead to potential revenue loss. Additionally, it can create confusion and dissatisfaction among customers due to an unorganized and complex pricing structure.


Our Magento 2 Tier Price module addresses this issue by automating your pricing strategy. You can offer transparent tier pricing information to customers and simplify price management to make it clear and user-friendly. This tool offers a revolutionary solution to a common e-commerce problem, leveraging automation for greater profitability.

Why is the Magento Tiered Pricing module a must-have for your store?

improve client satisfaction

Enhanced Customer Experience

By offering clear visibility of quantity-based discounts, you can encourage customers to make larger purchases. This improved shopping experience can result in increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

automate tier management

Automated Pricing Management

By automating the process of tier pricing, Magento 2 Tier Pricing module reduces manual effort and frees up valuable time. This leads to more efficient pricing management and increased productivity.

rework sales tactics

Tailored Sales Strategy

By segmenting prices based on customer groups, the module allows you to tailor a new effective sales strategy. With this tool, you can precisely target the customers with the right offers.

Innovative pricing management with Tier Price Magento extension

With the Magento Pricing Tiers, you can boost your store's performance by simplifying your pricing strategy. Our intelligent and automated system will help you with that. Elevate the shopping experience you provide for your customers with transparent, organized, and customizable pricing tiers that are easy to comprehend by any user.

Boost Customer Loyalty

The clear display and easy-to-understand tiered pricing greatly enhances the shopping process, strengthening customer loyalty.

Enhance Time Management

Tier Pricing Magento module's bulk update feature helps manage prices for multiple products simultaneously, saving time.

Automate Manual Procedures

Clients can automatically display the final price per piece, allowing them to make quick and informed purchasing decisions.

Flexible Tier Settings

Extensions versatility allows you to customize your pricing strategy to suit your unique business needs and objectives.

Key features of the Tiered Pricing Magento extension

  • Automated Tier Pricing Table. This tool lets you showcase your pricing in an optimized, easy-to-understand tabular format. This clear presentation of data allows your clients to make quick and informed purchasing decisions, which boosts their comfort.
  • Bulk Price Updates. Efficiently update your Magento tier pricing in bulk for all existing products or just for some of them using a handy and simple grid. This feature is designed to save you valuable time and streamline your management process.
  • Customer Group-Based Pricing. This reliable feature allows you to set different tier prices for different customer groups. You can provide personalized shopping options and target specific customers with tailored prices, encouraging brand loyalty and repeat purchases.
  • Customizable Marketing Message. The ability to display a customizable marketing message can motivate customers to purchase more. This feature can effectively boost your sales by using powerful, persuasive language that encourages higher volume purchases.
  • Predefined Purchase Quantities. Give your customers the option to select from predefined purchase quantities. This encourages bulk buying, excludes potential errors, and allows customers to take full advantage of your Tier Price Magento 2 module.
  • Multiple Tier Groups. You can achieve greater flexibility and control by implementing diverse pricing options across different product categories. You can automatically adjust your pricing strategy for various events, discounts, or promotion campaigns.
  • Flexible Tier Pricing Display. Offer your customers an interactive and comfortable shopping experience by displaying your pricing in a tabular or label format. With Tier Pricing Magento 2 tools, you can help clients make decisions, thus boosting your sales.
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