Partnership program by Mirasvit

Partnership program by Mirasvit is a new channel to win more customers and provide them with the best innovative solutions for their online stores by expanding their e-stores functionality. This program is a great chance for you to save your time and earn money.

Who is eligible to apply for partnership?

If you are a Web Developer or Digital Agency, we invite you to join our partnership program.

Why partner with Mirasvit?

Mirasvit delivers trusted and reliable solutions for Magento customers. Our extensions are innovative, comprehensive and advanced. Our software has already helped over 10 000 small, medium and big businesses to succeed in eCommerce online.

Partnering with Mirasvit can bring you the following additional benefits:

Benefits of partnership

The most important benefit is that you receive benefits for your own customers and earn money saving time. Extensions, Mirasvit delivers, will generate extra revenue for you and help your customers to:

  • enhance the functionality of their online stores;
  • transform their needs into a flow of new customers;
  • expand their current business opportunities.


7 Additional Partnership Advantages:

  1. Saving your money and time :our extensions allow you to have a complete solution set up within just a few hours. 
  2. Full support and service is at Mirasvit side. If your clients need some help or experience issues with our extensions, you, as a Partner, have the full access to our support system and eligible to make direct inquiries to our developers using priority ticket system.
  3. Get more projects done in time. Our software takes less time to implement, so you can complete more projects in less time!  
  4. No additional trainings. Our extensions are designed to be used by customers without any additional technical skills. It means you spend less time to explain your clients how to handle with any extension and you win more time to work on some new projects. 
  5. Wide Partners Network: we pass new project to our partners. We receive numbers of inquiries from potential customers to create different Internet-projects for them. We encourage our customers to seek development partner in our partnership network. Being Mirasvit Partner you potentially can receive new customers from us!  
  6. Get promotional support from Mirasvit. We use all our media channels to deliver the information about our partners to your potential customers and provide you with all the necessary supportive materials.  
  7. Attractive discount system. We offer all our Partners  20% off discount for any of our Magento Extensions

Participation fee and terms

To join our Partnership Program you need to pay a participation fee in amount of USD 99 a year and provide us with an basic information about your company:

  • name of your website
  • logo
  • short description
  • your account email etc.

That’s all you need to Start earning now with the best Magento Extensions by Mirasvit.

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