How can I move products in search results

Our search extensions always display found products in their relevance order. But sometimes - for promotional purposes, or some products has equal relevance but in fact one more relevant than others - you need to force some products appear higher than others.

Here is a quick example. Let us have Premium Watch Welder and Premium Watch Bracelet. In search results Bracelet will be placed before Welder. But bracelet is an accessory, and Welder is a trademark of premium watches, so their order should be vice versa.

This is where come Custom Weights - a flexible way to move products in search results.

Both of our search extensions - Search Sphinx and Elastic Search - add special attribute to each product - Search Weight. It can be found in General section of Magento 2 product record (at Catalog → Products).

This field sets relative position, which product will have in search results. It ranges from 100 (product appear always on the top) to -100 (product will always appear on the bottom). 0 (zero) sets appearance according to basic product relevance.

Therefore, to forcibly make Premium Watch Welder always appear to the top of search results, we need just to find its product record and put to the Search Weight field maximum value of 100.

Or, alternatively, we can find a record for Premium Watch Bracelet and give it negative Search Weight. Then it will appear just after products with the same relevance.

Varying this option, you can create flexible products order in search results, and move them as your marketing policy requires.

Did you know…

… that our Search extensions also provide Long-Tail function. It allows you to have correct search results even when search terms have dashes or other non-alphabetical symbols, that customers can skip or misspell.

This option is more powerful than meets the eye. It uses regular expressions for matching, so there´s virtually no case, which it can not process. This function even able to find products by several spelling combinations of their names.