How to change Reward Points currency

Points, which are used in our Reward Points extension, are tokens of reward for a customer activity - for example, buying specific products, writing a review and even inviting friends as new customers.

Typically they called just “points”, but in fact it is the sort of internal currency - since points can be converted to real currency and used as a discount.

In such a cases it´s better to have name for points, consistent with your main store currency. Especially if you´re using 1:1 spending ratio or building cashback service with our extension.

To change name of your point unit, you need to do the following:

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 Backend and navigate to Marketing → Reward Points → Settings
  2. If you need to set Reward Points Unit for specific store, use Store Switcher to switch to the desired storeview.
  3. Unfold General Settings section.
  4. In field Point Unit Name enter needed currency name - for example, “Dollar(s)”.

  5. Save configuration. Then navigate to System → Cache Management and clean cache to make changes apply to the frontend.

Did you know…

…that our Reward Points extension has Custom Behaviour Event feature. It allows you to create your own triggers for earning points with minimum coding requirements. Just place a code snipped to the place, where points shall be granted to customer, and that´s all.

It allows you to push your reward policy even further, than you can imagine.