Magento extensions and custom development

Magento extensions and custom development

Online merchants see that e-commerce develops and changes expeditiously. Knowing this, you need to make an intelligent selection of a platform that will be able to respond adequately.

Most of the freshly baked online e-commerce endeavors are based on Magento. And yes, this is the best software in order to start your business from scratch. It is one of the most famous platforms for online commerce in the world. This software piece has many strong sides, which take it to a deserved spot at the top of the list.

In addition, Magento 2 public availability has led to the increased recognition of this platform among merchants, allowing them to establish resilient endeavors in the B2B e-commerce sector.

There are two types of Magento. A free version named Community, which is undoubtedly powerful by itself, and a version created for large companies.

A quick glance at Magento shows it is focused on developers instead of ordinary users, thanks to the extraordinary level of required learning.

Regardless of whether you are operating small or large business, Magento offers scalability according to your needs. It is flexible enough to adapt to all conditions required.

In addition, Magento brings selling capabilities through quite a few types of web browsers and devices.

Magento capabilities

Magento is prepacked with functions to get a simple integration of the platform with a great number of services and apps. Such flexibility and scalability level is achieved with the help of extensions.

<h4>Top 5 extensions you should use from the beginning</h4>

Magento 2 Elasticsearch

A well-thought-out and quick search will increase the conversion rate in the store and can become a point of a positive revenue shift.

This Elasticsearch module releases the multifunctional search in any Magento store, creating a system that returns highly relevant results yet requiring milliseconds for request processing.

Provide the store visitors with remarkable search results and impress them with an incredible search experience. Amaze them with the ease they can look up for products they want.

Advanced Product Feeds for Magento 2

Product promotion with the goal of sales increase can be achieved by the means of trading platforms and purchase comparison systems. The Magento Product Feeds extension gives an easy tool to automatically organize and send the item catalog of the store to the aforementioned product promoting services.

This toolkit is incredibly fast to use and it gives an extreme flexibility level. It supports all major trading and marketing services, starting with Google Shopping.

After a simple module installation process, start creating a feed for products your store sells. Deliver this feed to a very large audience and increase sales rapidly!

Magento 2 SEO Extension

With a Magento 2 Advanced SEO Suite a store owner obtains absolute control over every SEO-related feature, starting from meta tags, and continuing with the Magento site map.

The discussed SEO extension is filled with tools to guarantee inspiring improvements on all pages of any online store.

This incredibly functional SEO-package will save you a fortune of money and free the time for other important business of yours. It guarantees a top place if the search results for a web site.

Advanced Reports for Magento 2

The easy-to-use analytic Magento 2 Reports Magento 2 Reports Extension is a highly flexible package. It improves the reports default Magento provides in multiple ways.

Google PageSpeed Optimizer for Magento 2

The time required for a store to load its content in the user’s browser reveals a significant fact for any e-commerce business. The page loading time greatly determines the consumer experience and ranking in search engines.

With the Google PageSpeed Optimizer for Magento 2 a site can be thoroughly optimized to a score level of 90, while the top mark in the Google’s evaluations system is 100 points.

Powerful functions for business

No matter how inspiring Magento is, it becomes even more powerful in partnership with its expert community. They can advance a store with new capabilities. Their skills allow create a Magento website that suits the brand mission and is integrated into all the most important business processes.

Suitable for scaling

Magento experts a capable of organizing a scalable e-commerce endeavor to suit business needs. The merchant receives an opportunity to fill several storefronts while using only one dashboard.

Build sturdy architecture

Magento utilizes a service-oriented architecture for its components. This approach provides less sophisticated representation of services with lower number of program code dependencies.

Easy to deal with multiple storefronts

Software capabilities of Magento allow keeping it simple when managing several storefronts through a single server module.

Flexible API in Magento

The API framework Magento provides to experts, such as integrators and creators, if full of assets required using web services for interaction with the Magento while in the development process.

Support for omnichannel

Magento is designed to support customers attracted from by means of multiple selling channels. This is done through centralized data management.

Utilize the power of available extensions

Magento offers thousands of extensions prepared for immediate use. These publicly available modules integrate various functions for extending default Magento capabilities without the necessity to spend time and funds on in-house development. This is undoubtedly comfortable for Magento stores.

Open Source for your benefits

While being developed by Adobe the Magento platform offers itself with open source code. This opens the infinite capabilities for implementing the store functionality right as it was desired.

Quick page render

Magento can be even faster thanks to its support of industry wide applications and services. It is compatible with Varnich application which additionally reduces the page rendering speed in shoppers’ web browser.

A decent list of available payment methods

With Magento a merchant gets access to all kinds of payment methods and gateways. This allows selecting the payment service that is in line with business requirements.

Stock handling

A support for inventory with several sources helps to audit sales channels, such as hyperlocal and POS.

Service when offline

Organize scripts for service tasks in order to catch any request and response while the visitor is offline.

A decent list of delivery methods

Integrate unrelated delivery methods according to the business requirements.

High rank of real-time security

The vulnerability recognition toolkit is available to provide information about the store weak points at any time moment.

Auxiliary tools

An integrated Command Line Interface (CLI) allows managing and installing Magento components.

Website performance gain

TTFB is the main performance factor of a website, which directly affects the search engine rank.

Working with indexers

Products and categories are recognized as indexers in order to increase the storefront productivity

Vigorous search

Gives the owner of the store the ability to use ElasticSearch, MySQL and Solr.

Graphic media optimization

Available graphic media optimization functionality allows adapting images for fast delivery to site visitors.

Magento development process

The whole course of Magento store development can be split into several sections that can be pushed through the store life cycle.

Magento Migration Services

Moving from one platform to another is hard and time-consuming, thus there are services offered by developers to conduct this task. Relocation can be done from Magento 1 to Magento 2, or Adobe commerce cloud. We are not limited by these platforms, and guarantee store migration from other solutions.

Migrations are most often done from subsequent platforms:

•Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

•Woocommerce to Magento Migration

•Shopify to Magento Migration

•Prestashop to Magento Migration

•Opencart to Magento Migration

•Bigcommerce to Magento Migration

Custom development

Long-term transformations of technical trends require adaptation of the store on regular basis. In addition, the increasing use of technology makes online shoppers more demanding.

The Magento can provide a wide range of modifications with the help of developers. These new functions allow a store to meet the expectations of its customers through satisfying their needs during shopping.

Custome theme for Magento 2

A suitable design theme for a store is infinitely important since nowadays customers want visually seductive online site. The analysis shows that the visual component of the store affects the traffic.

A fascinating storefront will face a huge hail of buyers in comparison with a store that does not actually dispose of any pretty user interface ingredients. Visual theme is a crucial part of a store in terms of SEO, speed optimization.

Mobile apps for Magento store

Optimizing the store to mobile will make it easier for customers to navigate on their smartphones. Develop Android and iOS apps to earn a good response time on mobile. Innovative mobile apps can boost the store results.

Developing headless PWA for Magento

In a time of gadgets the online entrepreneurs strive to give customers the most perfect service through applications. The idea of headless PWA scheme comes in.

Headless PWA approach is widely utilized nowadays thanks to its web compatibility and providing the experience similar to a native mobile application. This technology is based on web API which issues content and manages it.

Magento API Development

Magento API is based on the REST and SOAP APIs. Most of the APIs are represented by REST and receive data in a JSON format, which is available for websites or mobile device.

Applications and extensions utilize the REST API and GraphQL, which is an indispensable part of headless development approach.

B2B developing

B2B trading is at rise, enabling stiff competition among merchants and offering a lucrative e-commerce trade in terms of sales and revenue.

Getting an advantage means using Magento’s flexibility with focus on store optimization. Magento extensions greatly help achieving such goal, however some tasks require specific development, which can be done with reliable partners. Find the list of proven partners on