How shopping channels can be connected to an online store

One of the most well-known external online promotion channels for eCommerce is the one provided by Google. This popular and widely used online marketing channel named Google Shopping was debilitated by Adobe in all editions of Magento, including Commerce and Open Source. The respective module quit working, and whenever a store admin tries to access it from the admin panel, a respective message with the information on it shows up. Of course, the disabled module no longer matches the list of Google products and promotions.

Additionally, new users cannot install the module when they have the intention to do so, as the software has been removed from the Magento Marketplace.

After the software expansion toolkit stopped working, it quit sending item feed information to Google Merchant Center. It also stopped any information exchange on Smart Shopping Campaigns with Google promotions.

Dealers who had introduced the Google Shopping module before it was disabled and deleted by Adobe may still see Google Shopping advertisements in the store's admin panel. Yet when they click on it, a message shows up informing them that the Google Shopping promotions extension has been incapacitated.

On the off chance that a store has Google Smart Shopping set up and uses the Google Shopping promotions module, the configured advertisement campaigns will keep on running as they were at first created. Merchants can deal with these promotions straightforwardly from the Google promotions dashboard whenever they need.

Adobe in the Magento documentation officially recommends looking for alternative extensions to do the promotional task. A profound Advanced Product Feeds is a tool a store needs to easily create feeds. It has no problems connecting a store to any major promotional service, Google Shopping included.

Essentially everything needed to use this module is to install it and create a feed for the respective promotional service.

With this module by Mirasvit, a store can obtain the following benefits:

  • Get astonishingly powerful expansion of the audience
  • Leverage shopping channels widely used by shoppers
  • Use 50+ templates for easy connecting to channels
  • Feeds can be customized with filters and patterns
  • Automate feed generation and delivery
  • Analyze feed performance reports

The extension brings more than 50+ readily available templates for such services as Amazon Marketplace, Domodi,, eBay, Facebook Dynamic Ads, Bing Shopping, Yandex Market, Instagram, PriceGrabber, Rakuten Apparel, ShareASale. This is only a small fraction of all available marketplaces included.

If there is no readily available template for a specific marketplace, the store manager can create it manually. The extension does not limit the number of fields in the feed. Adding data to the feed is as easy as selecting it from a drop-down menu. However, store managers can utilize their coding knowledge and modify fields directly.

The existing feeds provided by the extension can be utilized as a template for any new feed. At the end of the configuration process, the manager can preview the result.

A store manager can use the Dynamic Attributes option to create or alter values using programmatic conditions. In addition, Dynamic Variables expand the flexibility even more by allowing the use of PHP functions.

Once generated, feeds can be automatically synced to the marketplace.