How a payment gateway can be integrated with Magento

Any online store needs to make financial functions in order to allow customers to pay for their orders. Nowadays, this is done through specific suppliers. Therefore, a payment gateway is typically a web-based service. Such software services are a vital piece of online commerce since they are the key factor to allow vendors and customers to make financial exchanges on goods via Mastercard and other system installments on the web.

The gateway's fundamental errand is encoding delicate client data, such as Visa numbers and dates, and approval of conducting the installments made by clients.

Payment Gateway work principles

A typical gateway for making payments over the internet works by providing a secure, integral link between a webshop server and a bank. When customers make purchases with credit or debit cards, they provide their pertinent data.

The payment gateway process works in the following way — it takes the submitted data and presents it to the processing bank that replies with a response, either accepted or declined. The expected payment gateway transfers this response back to the server when the relevant message is displayed to the customer.

Adding a new payment integration

Out-of-the-crate, a store working on Magento can obtain a list of secure gateways integrated into the system. They can be simply enacted by entering a few information bits a store can obtain from the corresponding gateway supplier.

An online store can easily connect the PayPal service, and with a few clicks activate the installment service by Authorize.Net. The main thing a manager should do is to characterize what markets the store will work with and what installment strategies and suppliers will work best regarding the situation in these business sectors.

Put efforts into researching which ones are more favored in the business sector in which the store operates. These efforts will pay off over a long period of time. It is likewise smart to ask clients straightforwardly what installment choices are generally reasonable for them.

The installment integrations allow creating and handling transactions based on order details.

A store manager can incorporate other installment suppliers, utilizing the installment gateway, which can be found in the admin panel. This is a component that permits to incorporate a store with external installment. In this way, exchanges can be made that depend on the subtleties of the shopping request.

Magento installment supplier upholds the accompanying installment tasks:

  • Authorization. The supplier process is responsible for exchange approval; it impedes financial reserves on the client's account, yet finances are not removed at this point.
  • Sale. At this stage, the exchange is authorized, and finances can actually be removed from the client's account.
  • Capturing. The specified amount of money is withdrawn to make a payment for the order.
  • Refund. This step activates when a customer wants to return his purchase.
  • Void. The gateway cancels the financial exchange.

Note: The installment supplier configuration panel permits making secure and PCI-agreeable connections with installment services. To keep PCI consistency, a store should not store Visa or Mastercard data.

A store can simplify its integration development task by using a specific Payment sample module that Magento developed for making new payment integrations. This module is a backbone that contains all the functions necessary to start development.

To add another installment technique into the store, make the accompanying actions:

  • Design general installment module.
  • Design installment choices.
  • Execute and design installment technique exterior - the element permitting to handle installment activities between Magento and installment processor.


The task of picking the most suitable installment supplier relies upon the need a store may have and the expenses business may bear on them. With such an extraordinary assortment of organizations that give installment services, a store owner will be able to observe the one that totally meets business needs.

Often such suppliers can have individual magento 2 extensions that greatly simplify integration.