Magento product feed export. How to do it?

By default It is very easy to generate a Magento product feed export file following this path: in admin panel go to tab System-> Import/Export-> Export. In a pop up window select Products in Entity Type field. Then select a necessary attributes to be included to the feed file to be generated.As only all the necessary installation settings are ready, click "Continue." Feed file in CSV format will be automatically downloaded onto your computer. This is only one kind of file you can generate in default Magento.That is one negative thing you should know about default magento. Most of the comparison-shopping engines and shopping platforms do support xml but not csv file format. To generate Magento product feed export?file in xml format you need to install an additional magento extension.

For this expanded option we would sugget you to instal Advanced Product Feeds on you defoult magento. A special extension that helps to generate Magento product feed export in xml and txt file formats very fast. ?As only you have an extension installed in your Magento, in admin panel go to tab Catalog->Manage feeds-> Manage feeds. Choose a template of the platform you going to submit information about your products. Set up a filter for the products you are going to include into the feed file. ?As only you done with settings, generate feed with button ?Generate feed? and get a feed in a proper file format. Now you can easy place your Magento product feed export?file with information about your products on comparison-shopping engines, uploading a feed file from your computer or simply paste the URL link in a proper field on the platform.