Magento product feed. How to publish your product information on Google Product Search.

Nowadays, more and more consumers are looking to get the best deal on products they are going to buy using Comparison Shopping Engines. These engines collect product information and they are also called shopping search engines. Therefore, this is a great chance to use this opportunity to attract new costumers to your web site. This is very successful type of advertising for your products.

How do comparison shopping engines work and how can you get your place there with your Magento-based store? All you need is a data feed. The default Magento product feed configuration allows you to genarte a product feed only in csv file format, exporting products into that file. Unfortunatley, this file format is not very popular and some of the shopping search engines do not support this file format. And if your file does not meet a Shopping Engines format requirements, you cannot submit your products and lose potential sales. To provide a proper file format for engines that meets a requirement, you need an additional Magento Extension.

We highly suggest you to install a special extension - Advanced Product Feed for generating magento product feeds. How to create with Advanced Product Feed extension?

  1. Have an extension installed into Magento. Go to catalog > Manage Feeds > Manage Templates. There you can find and use 23 different templates that meet Comparison Shopping Engines requirements.
  2. Lets pay an attention to the most popular Comparison Shopping Engines - Google Shopping and investigate a Google Shopping template within an extension. A template setup is already done. For instance if you need to include into your file feed all the products with the cost less then 100 usd, all you need - you can find in Category > Filters.

As only you have a proper magento product feed for Google Shopping let's go to google merchant center.

?Now you need to:

  1. Create an account or log in to existing account.
  2. As only you are in your account go to Data Feeds tab and then press Add Feed, create a name of your feed and save it.
  3. Dont forget to add and confirm your domain name as well go into details with information you need to provide.
  4. Now you face with the most important step - to upload your feed "Manualy" or "Create a schedule".

?Create a schedule? - you need to provide a period update of your feed and add URL. Then press ?Create a schedule? and update your data.

Google will check your data feed for the existing mistakes. After that within up to 4 days you will receive a confirmation, that your products have been added to Google Shoping.

That's all you need to do. We wish you good luck!