How to set up Magento Search by manufacturer?

Depending on the products pecularities on your site you may want to use the opportunity of Magento search by manufacturer. One way to help a customer to select a group of items on the site is to show the attribute "manufacturer" in the filters. (Set the flag for the attribute "show in the filter"). It's convenient, but only if you are in the goods directory. The second way to do Magento search by manufacturer? is to give the opportunity to use the attribute "manufacturer" in the search. To do this, find the attribute and set the search in which it will participate (Quick Search or Advanced Search).

magento search by manufacturer

After saving the changes, as well as re-indexing operations and clearing the cache we will see that the problem of Magento search by manufacturer is completely resolved. Just do not forget that it's possible to show in the filters, or search results only certain types of attributes: "Dropdown", "Multiple Select" and "Price".

magento search by manufacturer

Magento CMS does not allow to change the attribute type after its creation, so think carefully about what attributes and why you would use in the online store. Timely proper planning will allow you to customize in minutes Magento search by manufacturer.