How to configure Magento Search by Sku?

If the specifications of your online store require to perform Magento search by sku, there is nothing easier than to perform this task. As you know CMS allows to find any of the attributes used on the site. Sku is also an attribute, so in order your site could run Magento search by sku, you need to make visible to the search. To do this, open the site administration panel, go to: Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes and using the filter find the attribute "SKU".

magento search by sku

To open the attribute page click on it once. In the opened window ?we are interested in the fields Quick Search and Advanced Search. Setting the flag "Yes" to them ?will allow Magento CMS to search by sku.

magento search by sku

?When you configure the search, remember that adding another attribute to participate in the search for you, together with enabling? Magento search by sku, significantly increases the amount of search results, and as a result reduces its accuracy.