How does Magento search module works?

Magento search module is a module which allows site visitors quickly, comfortably and easily to find the product they?re interested in on your site. Buyer sees the module as a line to enter a query, autocomplete dropdown box and a "Search" button. For Community Edition Standard Magento search module operates in several steps. First site indexes all goods and stores them in a searchable database. Next, the buyer enters his query and clicks the search, after that Magento search module divides the query into words and starts to find matches between the entered search query and the records in its database. If it finds the matching, the site shows found items in the results.

magento search module

Certainly, such a set of functions works if search is only available for the product name. In order to empower Magento search module, you will have to install additional Magento search extensions available on magentocommerce or partner sites.