Magento search autocomplete. How to implemented autocomplete magento and how it can be improved?

Autocomplete - possibility of search to show relevant search results, directly during input of the search phrase in the search box. Now autocomplete we take for granted that just has to be in the modern stores. How autocomplete implemented in magento?

Magento search autocomplete implemented very simply, when you entering the search phrase, the search displays the most commonly requested search phrases. Of course this can be handy for users who look a specific product, and if the buyer does not know. The buyer knows that he wants camera Sony, but he don?t know model or full name.

How can you improve magento search autocomplete, that the buyer would enter a word Sony received a visual description and characteristics of products and could choose the most appropriate product?

magento search autocomplete

We offer extension - Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro. Here's a short list of key features of this extension:

  • Ability to set the search category (as in the Amazon)

  • Ability to change the tip in the search box

  • Displays images and prices in the search autocomplete dropdown list

  • Uses AJAX, so the search doesn't reboot the entire webpage and the search is very fast

  • Set a limit of the number search results in the dropdown list

After you install this extension, you need make few settings. To do this, go to the tab System -> Configuration -> Mirasvit Extensions -> Search Autocomplete. All settings are very clear and will not take much of your time.