Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together

Cross-selling is a proven revenue-increasing tactic. Magento’s default related product galleries can cross-sell but they’re very limited and don't scale well.

Magento Frequently Bought Together automatically populates blocks with products other people have bought together with the customer’s original choice in a single order, greatly increasing the chances of cross-selling.

  • Display what others bought with the customer's choice
  • Increase chances for cross-selling
  • Leverage social proof
  • Take advantage of the smart algorithm
  • Use built-in analytics
Feature Highlights

Business Value

Opportunity: Cross-selling, just like upselling, is a tried-and-tested way of increasing shopping cart value. It invites customers to consider purchasing other products that complement what they're already buying.

Problem: Magento’s default cross-selling block is very limited. It's static and so there is no way to change its position. That won’t cut it, especially if your store is quite large.

Solution: Magento Frequently Bought Together lets you dynamically populate product recommendation blocks and place them anywhere on the page, streamlining the experience and offering better scalability. It's also a great means of social proof since it utilizes the data from real customers.

How It Works

This feature’s smart algorithm checks which products people regularly buy in tandem. It populates related product galleries according to this information and the product page or cart content. You can tweak the rule and adjust the block’s position to better fit your business goals. Then you can use the data this block generates to make business decisions for the future.

Main Advantages

Increase Chances for Cross-selling

Products that customers buy together are very likely to be a great package. This makes new customers more inclined to follow their example and buy more in a single order.

Leverage Social Proof

Social proof is a marketing tactic which shows that other people have already done what you expect from the customer. This is the core principle of Magento Frequently Bought Together, making it a quite powerful tool.

Take Advantage of the Smart Algorithm

The algorithm populates the gallery with products by itself. You don’t have to change anything but you can further adjust it by assigning specific products manually or adding conditions.

Use Built-in Analytics

You can easily check the amount of views, clicks, orders and total profits each block has generated. Then, you can use this information to make business decisions for the future.


When should I go for cross-selling?

In ecommerce, you should try to cross-sell every single customer. Related product galleries like Magento Frequently Bought Together aren’t intrusive but they’re still very effective.

What’s the difference between upselling and cross-selling?

Upselling offers the customer a similar, more expensive product instead of the one they’re purchasing, or offers to add more features to it. Cross-selling offers the customer a related product in addition to what they're already purchasing.

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