Magento Gift Registry

Gift Registry

Magento Gift Registry is the cornerstone to a successful site for stores specializing in baby products, wedding gifts, clothing, or any online shop which wants to offer customers the ability to specify to friends and family exactly what gifts/items they want. Whether you are a merchant large or small, if you are in a market that specializes in gifts, this extension is for you.

Compatible with:

Community - 1.9.3
Enterprise -
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2 reviews

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Why Offer a Registry?

When you offer a gift registry on your site, you are harnessing a serious captive audience.

You will spend very little money to get this extension, but the returns will be vast. Your customers are specifically telling their friends and family that they specifically want this item from your site. These are very high conversion requests, as it’s very uncommon for the buyer to go elsewhere to find the item.

Ultimate Flexibility for Customers and Admin

Above all, Mirasvit’s Gift Registry extension excels in features and quality to any similar extensions found on the market.

  • Customer can add any product of any type to registry (Simple, Bundle, Configurable, Group Virtual)

  • Customer can choose whether to pre-specify options of complex products, or to let the buyer choose the options.

    If choosing the latter option, notes section on each item lets registrant loosely specify preferred options. Either way the sale is tracked and marked appropriately. No other extension offers this dynamic functionality.


  • Customers can add all relevant data to their registries such as date, time, photographs, etc.

    Further, administrator of the extension can add custom fields to best suit their store.

  • Add/edit items from admin. Mark items as purchased, etc.

    Additionally admin can use notes section in admin to make any necessary notes about the purchase. For example if the sale happens by phone or through a non-connected POS, you could reference the external system’s receipt number.

  • Integrations with 3rd party payment solutions such as PayPal Express and Amazon Payments, let’s customers purchases remain tracked. As well this extension will provide the recipient's shipping address to these different checkout streams.
  • Shopping Cart shows which items are being purchased from the Registry, so the buyer is confident that their purchase will be accounted for correctly.
  • Integration with Mirasvit’s Help Desk and RMA extensions make requests for help and/or returns associated with the registry a breeze.

Features for a customer

  • Customer can create multiple gift registries

  • Customer can add product of any type to registry

  • Set priority, additional information for each gift

  • Share gift registry via email or via Twitter, Facebook or Google+

  • Track gifts status

  • Manually change number of received gifts

  • Set event date

  • Set visibility for registry (Public or Private)

  • Add co-registrant

  • Set different shipping addresses for different registries

Features for an administrator

  • Manage the list of available event types and priorities

  • Add custom fields for customer registries

  • View the list of registries

  • View detail for each registry: customer, gift, related orders etc

  • Create new registry from the backend




  • Ability to add products to Gift Registry from admin panel


  • Set registry website id to current store, instead of customer's store


  • Redirect to the last active tab after saving registry in admin panel




  • Display child product image for configured products




  • Adjust z-index for the dialog window at product page


  • Sort gift registries by created at field in descending order within admin panel by default





  • #10 Hide not configured gift registry items from guest view




  • Process registries without address as simple orders
  • Remove required field for massaction


  • Hide empty registry fields




  • #8 - Associate the purchased product shared via email with the Gift Registry




  • Fixed an error which appears in different php versions




  • Ability to use free shipping for orders placed for Gift Registries




  • Avoid new array syntax


  • Ignore cases when 'order_save_after' event is repeated few times
  • Retrieve store specific url for registry guest view


  • Validate extension's CRC values




  • Ability to purchase items in mass action




  • Refactoring, added search service




  • Correctly count number of Gift Registry orders
  • Display all registries in grid


  • Integration with AW Onestepcheckout
  • Display default gift registry title, if its title is not specified




  • GRY-41 #done - Improved process of handling grouped products


  • Improve workflow of adding registry item to the shopping cart




  • Integration with Magecheckout SecuredCheckout




  • Fix typo in the method name dispatched when emptying cart




  • Small style improvements




  • Ability to show/hide public registries from search results by default


  • bug: GRY2-29 #done - Process gift registries per website




  • GRY-38 #done Ability to set placeholder for new gift registries


  • Ability to translate options for field of type 'select'




  • Add order to gift registry purchase
  • Compatibility with the checkout "Ideasa_IdeCheckoutvm"
  • Checkout validation




  • GRY-26 #done Update minicart using AJAX


  • Fix issue with searching registries by registrant name in admin panel


  • Description of general settings


  • GRY-13 #done Improved workflow with registry types, sections and fields
  • GRY-29 #done Change template for creating/editing registry
  • GRY-33 #done Change AJAX loader
  • GRY-32 #done Add button 'Add to Gift Registry' using layout
  • GRY-28 #done Data script for installation fields/sections
  • GRY-31 #done Change schema for table related with registry's sections
  • Small adjustments for templates
  • UI improvements



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  1. Excellent, not other words can describe it       

    Great extension. Works as described and a prompt support helped me with my theme integration. I fully recommend this extension. (Magento 1.9.2 and used the Gift Registry

    By Simona on January 29, 2016 Verified Purchase
  2. Must have!       

    I got this extension few days back and it works as described with help of quick support.

    They have done a wonderful job for this module.

    By Alex on May 28, 2015

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