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Experts in SEO optimization agree that internal relinking is very important for the successful promotion of an online store. This module allows you to automatically create links by linking keywords and phrases to the promoted store pages.

Feature Highlights

Why is internal linking so important?

  • Internal linking enhances PageRank of the store;
  • Internal linking allows you to increase the importance of a certain page by a certain keyword;
  • Google indexes the store pages more quickly;
  • Relinking helps Google to determine the store niche;
  • An excellent solution to add the affiliate links to other sites;
  • Better User Experience.

Key options

  • This extension allows you to create an unlimited number of keywords and automatically associate keywords with any links
  • Search for keywords, and their replacement by the links can occur for the following blocks:

    • Product short description
    • Product full description
    • Category description
    • Text of CMS page
    • Text of CMS block
  • You can import the list of keywords and links from the CSV file
  • Ability to deny link creation inside certain tags
  • Ability to deny link creation for some pages or group of pages
  • Ability to limit the number of links on the page
  • Ability to set the order of links on the page (First, Last, Random)
  • You can set the attribute target for the link (for example, blank and the link will open in a new window), and the attribute nofollow
  • Support of AW Blog
  • You can easily add links to any block or template in your store by using the code Mage::helper('seoautolink')->addLinks('[your text]');.
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Sam  from Ajdovščina, Slovenia
Very easy-to-use and streightforward extenssion.
Installed also: Advanced SEO Suite M2
Works well
Nik  from Ajdovščina, Slovenia
With internal links getting more and more attention this is a must extension for your Magento store. That's how I look at it which is why I purchased it and it's very easy to navigate through it and use it.
Installed also: Advanced SEO Suite M2
SEO Autolinks
John  from Ajdovščina, Slovenia
Easy to use and put into production. Now waiting to see SEO results ;)
Installed also: Advanced SEO Suite M2
Good extension and support
Marek  from Toruń, Poland
It's great extension for SEO link building. I'm very pleased with technical support. They are great, quickly resolve my problems.
I love it
Sandro  from Erlinsbach, Switzerland
Really Awesome Tool for linking in your shop :)
Installed also: Advanced Product Feeds M2
Works as discribed
Benjamin  from Berlin, Germany
Works as described and helps our SEO a lot. More functions would be appreciated.
Good Extension, Easy to Install
Tran  from Hanoi, Vietnam
Very good extension for SEO link building. I am not regret to buy it from Miravit
Fulfill promises
Paulo  from Jundiaí, Brazil
Easy to use and deliver results
Good Extension, Great Price, Excellent Support
Paul  from Stockport, United Kingdom
Easy to use, quick to install and does exactly what it says. I recommend, but not to my online competitors.
easy to setup. good for seo
ethan  from Savannah, United States
auto internal link is easy to setup and good for seo. I used sitemap to parse csv and upload to this extension. simple enough.
Good for SEO
Sven  from Nussloch, Germany
With this extension we can massively improve our internal links. It just works out of the box and is very easy to use.
Blake  from United States
Previous review makes great suggestions re: skipping h1/2 tags and html. Any thoughts on that? Maybe just offer a span class that exempts content within?
Great extension, quick help
Mouwlengte  from United States
Thanks for this great extension. I think there is 1 other comparable extension but they really lack the support. With Igor responding fast getting it to work is a breeze.

Some ideas though:
- Would like to see the ability to integrate with AW blog standard
- Would like to see the option to skip H1, H2 etc html tags
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