How to enable Mobile Dashboard in Advanced Reports

Any Dashboard, created in Advanced Reports or Cloud Reports for Magento 2 can be given with mobile access thus making that Dashboard mobile. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 Backend and navigate to Dashboard → Advanced Dashboard section.
  2. Click on the Dashboard top menu and either pick an existing Dashboard, or create new one using Add Dashboard option.
  3. Unfold Mobile Dashboard section and enable option Enable Mobile Access.

And that´s all. Selected or newly-created Dashboard will became mobile. This mode is very convenient for displaying different store metrics, but it has certain limits.

  • In mobile mode editing of widgets and blocks will be disabled. So carefully set their time period and other render settings.
  • Dashboard URL itself is highly encoded to limit the ability to remember / copy URLs by an unauthorized person. This is the only way to protect data in mobile mode.
  • Access to Dashboard URL can be provided as QR-code. So we recommend to use Mobile Dashboard features on QR-enabled devices.

If you are not sure, that these restrictions will not be a problem for your customers, do not enable this feature.

Did you know…

… that data, displayed on widgets or blocks of Advanced Dashboard, can be filtered on the fly. Our application provides you with a special table, where you can easily define limits or conditions, which can be applied to raw data.

Filtering also can we used for customizing Table View of your data - you can define quantity of rows, sorting columns and even sort direction. It will make your Dashboards very flexible tool for analyzing your store activity.