Is it possible to create store-level Workflow Rule in Helpdesk MX for M2?

Sometimes tickets shall be processed differently on different stores. It is extremely important, when you´re using Workflow Rules, that have global scope and are applied to tickets from all storeviews.

However, there´s a way to make Workflow Rule process only tickets from given storeview. It can be done via Conditions. Each ticket has a Store attribute, which points to that storeview, from where ticket was placed, and we can check for it.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 Backend and navigate to Customers → Help Desk MX → Workflow Rules.
  2. Pick an existing rule, or create a new one. Then scroll down to the Conditions section and unfold it.
  3. Under “If ALL of these conditions are TRUE” header press green (+) button to show drop-down of all ticket attributes. Select Store.
  4. Assign there a store, only from which ticket should be processed (“Deutsch”, for example), and save the rule.

And that´s all. With this simple condition this particular rule will process only tickets from “Deutsch” storeview.

Did you know…

… that Workflow Rules not an only way to enhance performance of your customer support? Our Help Desk MX extension allows you to set Reminders, which will automatically send emails to customers about abandoned tickets. They even can perform simple actions - such as changing Status or Priority of the ticket - and stand as a quick-and-dirty alternative for Workflow Rules.