Magento email module. Why today is so necessary?

In this post we will talk about such direction of marketing as email marketing. Why email marketing? Why magento email marketing? When people are unfamiliar with email marketing, they often wonder what about all disputes are. Did not spam kill email as a marketing engine? But if it spam didn`t killed it marketing engine, what`s about blogs like twitter and other modern ways of communication? Maybe e-mail is outdated.

Email marketing works for a number of reasons, some of them are :

  • Easy targeting;
  • It is controlled by the data;
  • Provision of direct sales;
  • A relationship of loyalty and trust;
  • Maintenance of sales through other channels.

Asking yourself the question, how do you attract repeat sales sooner or later you will come to the thought about the mailing lists, that is about email marketing! You need use all features of email marketing.

What are the standard means of email marketing is a platform for e-commerce magento? One of them is the magento email module called Newsletter. What this module can? What is included in its native functionality? What are the opportunities for mailing control gives?

As is clear from the name of the extension it carries out a newsletter to customers who signed up for it, that is those that are already interested in receiving news. In this module, there is the possibility to send mailing parties. Let's say you have 1000 customers who should receive the newsletter, you can set time intervals, such as every 15 minutes will be sending letters of 100 pieces. You can create an unlimited number of templates for different email themes. The magento email module has a number of disadvantages:

  • The complexity of the configuration template design
  • Not be able to segment customers for distribution, that is, all the same(for example, if your store is engaged in the sale of mobile phones and accessories to them and you have a campaign to cover for iphone, it shows how you can segment customers by sending letters about the campaign first of all you gained you have an iphone, but you do it will not be able to), and if you have a lot of news and actions, think for yourself what percentage of your customers will view all the news coming from you.
  • There is no possibility to recall abandoned cart
  • There is no possibility to remind customers about the need to re-order.

As a supplement to native magento email module, we offer great extension - Trigger Email Suite. One of the many advantages of this extension is that it is very easy to install and customize - writing template for each event you nothing more to do, enlargement will make all by itself. The extension aims to address the following tasks:

  • Turn potential customers into buyers
  • Remind on the abandoned cart
  • Remind ourselves of old customers, who have not visited your website for a long time
  • Request discount
  • Remind customers about the need to re-order (for example, if you sell accessories)
  • Congratulated on birthday or other celebration

Our extension helps you analyze the effectiveness of mailings by installing code for tracking in Google Analytics. There is a statistics on the effectiveness of digital marketing (percentage of the opening mail, the percentage of clicks, conversions), the detailed statistics for each company.