I have Magento Slow Backend. How can I speed it up?

If you are faced with frequent peak loads on the server, Magento slow backend working, and you have huge online catalog with a lot of items, so it's time to optimize CMS. One of the reasons of CMS Magento slow backend is the need to re-index the site after making changes in the categories or products. While a site catalog is small, re-indexing runs fast and Magento slow backend working is not noticeable.
To solve the problem of Magento slow backend it?s important to distribute the re-indexing process in time, i.e. make it in the background. The extension Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing?perfectly solves this task. The results of the extension working can be seen in the graph. Having installed it in your online store this or similar extensions you?ll forget about the problem of Magento slow backend.

magento slow backend