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Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing

Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing allows you to speed up products saving in a catalog and reduce loads of server.

Boost your online store administration performance with Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing extension! This extension allows you to speed up administration work of online store greatly and reduce peak loads on the server.

Compatible with: Community - 1.9.1
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Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 28 user reviews
Magento Edition*
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Overview Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing

Every time you save a product or a category Magento produces data re-indexing in a database. Providing that the catalog is not too large this process is imperceptible for a user. However the more categories, products, attributes of a product are created, the more time for re-indexing is needed. As a result, working with administrative panel becomes uncomfortable as far as you have to wait long enough until category or product will be saved after editing.  

The graph below shows the increase of time for saving, depending on the growth of the size of the catalog.


How does the extension work?

When the store manager added a new product (category) or changed an existing product, the query to produce re-indexing of goods is stored in the table-queue. Products are quickly stored and manager goes to editing the next item.

Parallel to this the cron process runs that constantly addresses to the table-queue. As soon as it notes elements that are expecting for re-indexing it starts to index them.

So you may have a very large catalog, and a large number of managers can simultaneously work with it, but they will not wait until re-indexing happens every time they save data. They will work, and the cron process will perform data re-indexing in the background.


Customer reviews for Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing

Most helpful Date
Great product with Amazing Support
By Vipulpratap on November 6, 2013

Great extension. Installed it myself but was not sure about the cron job. These guys helped me out without any extra charge for support. Very good support. I totally recommend it for big store with more than 30K products.

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Very Good Extension
By Eddie on March 24, 2015      Verified Purchase

Excellent Performance of the extension. When you have bulk product/category info to import,this is a must.

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Great extension
By Udara on March 7, 2015      Verified Purchase

Great service! Very fast and i would defiantly buy more extensions from Mirasvit.

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By Timo on February 28, 2015      Verified Purchase

An amazing extension. One of my clients sites has 10k+ products, and saving products & categories was taking minutes sometimes. This extension took a huge load off the server, and also saved me from having to update the indexes every day manually. One of the few Magento extension developers I trust 100%.

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Improves speed
By Joost on February 25, 2015      Verified Purchase

Improves speed as promised when saving products in admin.

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Excellent support
By Leah on December 27, 2014

Very good product - outstanding support.

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Big Promises - fullfilled
By Daniel on November 24, 2014      Verified Purchase

Our customer had big problems with the speed of the Magento Backend. So the Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing helped here a lot.

Keep up the good work.

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Extension Worth-having
By Double Prince on August 26, 2014      Verified Purchase

Both Product and Service received from the support are second to none. They treat you like their own family. Keep it up Guys!

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Very happy with the extensions work
By Ricky on May 7, 2014

The extensions worked great after issues were fixed. Very happy with the support and the extensions worked nicely as expected.

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Great extension
By Andrej on February 21, 2014      Verified Purchase

We are very satisfied. Effectively solves the Magento problem of slow indexing when working with many products. Works great.

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Great extension and even better support!
By R.vthoff on February 7, 2014

They make great software, but the support is really outstanding. Response time in a blink of an eye, and quick to the point solution in my case. Good job guys!

I bought this extension together with the asynchronous cache extension from Mirasvit. Great solution to make the backend really fast.
First I had an issue with category management being really slow, but after contacting support this was solved same day.
Now saving products an categories is lightning fast. Unbelievable i worked with a slow backend for so long! Just a few seconds to save now and before up to two minutes on a bad day.
I can recommend this extension, and also this company to every Magento user!

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Good Extensions
By Mariano on January 29, 2014      Verified Purchase

The extension is good but the best is the service that will solve the problem quickly.

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Awesome Extension
By Chance on January 29, 2014      Verified Purchase

We are using this extension on a clothing store where products have 100s of variations of size and color options. Some of the employees would have save times of up to 7+ minutes. After dialing in this extension we have save times under a minute across the board.

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By Nathan on January 7, 2014      Verified Purchase

We use this module on our CE 1.7 site (http://www.costumes.com.au) and it works very well. Support is quick to respond too.

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almost perfect extension
By Andrey on December 20, 2013      Verified Purchase

not sure how is this compatibile with external full page cache (zend or other magento supported) trouble is that external cache is cleaned/invalidated on product save immediatelly and async indexed later which leads to outdated cache. In my case with Varnish i had to edit couple functions to invalidate cache properly after async reindexing took place. Apart from that it works as described and is well worth the money and solves apart from save speed also deadlock sql issue.

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Makes working in the backend much more tenable
By OneProudFan on November 28, 2013

The extension was a little slow to get all of our 200K products initially indexed but has been working great since. Big improvement overall.

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One of the best extensions out there
By Martin on November 1, 2013      Verified Purchase

Reduced our product save time from from 15-45 sec down to 0.5-1.3 sec, averaging 0.9 sec!

Also very responsive support who made extension compatible with Channel Unity extension which we use for channel feeds.

I think code markup notes should be in English though :D

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Great extension
By Showermania on September 23, 2013

Had a slight problem with install. Contacted Alexander at support and it was sorted in 20 minutes. The extension has cut our save times from 40 seconds to 8 seconds. Very impressed and would highly recommend this product.

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Do not buy dedicated server
By LNdotcom on August 9, 2013      Verified Purchase

Contents editing job in backend side is very important. Without this we purchased high performance dedicated server but still 15-20 sec to save editing work. After install, that time goes to down 2-4 sec. This is not joke. My contents manage team is very happy about this.

Thanks for a great extension.

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nice tool
By Carlos on August 5, 2013      Verified Purchase

We are importing 10k products per day.. So Magento could not handle it. Now it's working really smooth..


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Best Extension Every Created (no exaggeration)!
By Mike on June 4, 2013      Verified Purchase

We run a catalog business and have to add a lot of products on our website in a short amount of time. It's not uncommon for us to have 3-4 users adding and saving products in the admin panel at the same time. The product saves were taking up to 1-2 minutes and were extremely painful for us. We purchased a dedicated admin server, spent a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to increase our production.

I saw that Mirasvit had created this Asynchronous Re-indexing module and though we needed to try it out. We've used Mirasvit modules in the past, so I new it was going to be written well and the support would be there if we needed it.

After installing this module (and a 20 second chat with support), our saves went down to 3-4 seconds! No exaggeration!

If you have an issue with long product saves, stop messing around and get this extension. It my possibly change your life (or at least make product entry pleasurable!) Congratulations Mirasvit, another great extension. Keep them coming!

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Wow...! Shocked and Amazed
By Josh from MI on May 10, 2013      Verified Purchase

I think everyone is use to the fact that when you're looking at something that sounds too good to be true that it generally is. That is certainly NOT the case here - this product works as described and solved a very very large issue on our client's store. During peak hours - approximately 1000 open, concurrent connections - slowdowns and deadlocks ran RAMPANT. Since installing this plugin the site works and feels "speedier" - I'm guessing the MySQL deadlocks were caused from the catalog search and subsequent reindex. This product has made a tremendous difference and I could not recommend it more.

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Excelent extension and support
By Vilazutin on April 29, 2013

We have thousands of products and this extensions saves time and our nerves.
Support is friendly and we are happy to work with such professionals!

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Best extension
By Home88 on April 29, 2013

We use that extension for almost 3 months now and are pretty happy. Its really useful, especially for our managers

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Great Extension and Support
By Jeff on April 12, 2013

We have had the Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing and Sphinx Search extensions for the past few months and they have worked magic for our database of over 160,000 products. When we have had encountered small problems, the team has gone above and beyond all expectations to resolve as quick as possible. I would highly recommend any products offered by Mirasvit.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
By Koray Küpe on March 20, 2013      Verified Purchase

This unique extension fixed Internal Server Errors when reindexing all data on my web site. Highly recommended for large catalogs!

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Fixed more issues than I was expecting
By Fr0x on January 25, 2013

Was a bit skeptical to begin with. Our API calls were too slow and mass price changes was taking too long (typical call for all info was 10 seconds, pricing info only 4 seconds). This cut those times by 75%. Now granted, it still has to process the reindex queue before those show live so its not a straight 75% speed boost but overall we are still looking at a minimum of a 50% gain if not more. We didn't see as large of a gain in the Admin interface itself when saving items but I'll chalk that up to the Admin in general just being stupidly slow. The other issue this fixed for us was the occasional MySQL "Dead Lock" errors. We would see these a few times a day (quite often when customers would add something to the cart). Haven't seen a single one since installing this plugin. I'm guessing the default save/index process was locking something a customer needed and this seems to have eliminated that collision. Good work and *highly* recommended if you use the API, do mass imports, or have MySQL "Dead Lock" issues.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
This really is an amazing software
By Croatian Guy on December 12, 2012

We have over 80 000 products in our catalog and since we have installed the module we have not had any issues in running indexing or did we have any timeouts. Also important to mention that we use MAGMI to import products and the indexer works amazing with it.The module did have some issues in the beginning but the team addressed those in less then 5 hours. Alexander you rock, I hope this review will help you guys since this really is an amazing software. I am running the latest 1.7

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Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing

Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing
Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 28 user reviews
Magento Edition*
Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing