How to improve payment restrictions in Magento 2

A payment system is an incredibly important part of the store and organizing it without any glitch is one of the prime requirements of an executive manager or owner. For a Magento platform developed by Adobe, the default functionality is limited regarding conditional payments.

As one may already know, checkout is the make-or-break process. So, it’s crucial to make every piece smooth and convenient, especially when it comes to shipping and payment selections.

Needless to say, a store can benefit from each customer group's willingness to make installments individually for each proposed delivery method and utilize different payment ways.

Restrictions the default system puts on payments and problems that can be encountered

Default Magento supports multiple offerings of shipping carriers and their methods for each store but does not provide a flexible mechanism for manipulating them. The store owner can restrict a certain shipping carrier or its shipping method only for the whole store.

The easiest solution for this problem is Magento extensions by Mirasvit. For example, the Shipping Restrictions extension provides an incredibly flexible solution for creating a well-developed shipping policy in your store.

You can easily manage available shipping methods from carriers based on various conditions to provide customers with cost-effective and customized shipping options.

The extension allows getting several advantages for a store:

  • Cost-effective shipping. Allows creating a flexible system of usable shipping methods for delivering orders. It will optimize the available methods and offer customers the most convenient and economical delivery methods.

  • Optimize shipping to distant locations. Adjust the list of available conveyance methods for distant order shipping to provide customers with high-quality delivery services. Control the delivery strategies for every place where clients are based by setting topographical areas utilizing limited transportation techniques.

  • Be flexible in restricting shipping methods. Use a logical set of conditions based on order and cart attributes to create a flexible composition of restrictions for the shipping methods.

Combine a set of predefined conditions into one system based on a shopping basket list and order attributes. This way, the delivery limitation automation can decide what rule from the list of available is best for the current situation.

  • Ideal delivery for items. Select qualified delivery techniques relying upon the item properties. Utilize the item properties as boundaries for impeding imperfect conveyance techniques.

  • Forestall hazardous transportation techniques for delicate, short-life or high-worth things. Set item properties as boundaries to unequivocally decide accessible transportation strategies for requested things.

  • Definitively apply limitations. Confine transporting strategies for client segments. Pick one or numerous client segments at once to apply the limitation rule.

  • Make limitation rules for indicated transporters in general or set limitations for any of their proposed delivery strategies.

  • The checkout process can be organized more straightforwardly for clients by explaining the specific limitations on delivery techniques.

  • Straightforward for clients. Make a custom message to be shown when a limitation rule is applied. Utilize this message to promote deals by telling clients how to unblock a specific delivery strategy.

  • Make automated actuation of delivery limitations. Actuate transporting limitations for a particular date or time. Set one or several days for each limitation.

  • Improve the daily practice. Invest less energy into making indistinguishable principles for delivery limitations. Make restrictions applicable to various topographical delivery zones by setting one virtual area. Allow or prohibit specific geographical areas.

  • Use delivering techniques for promoting purposes. Utilize the store's transportation strategies for advertising and control which conveyance techniques are accessible for various installment providers.


Using additional magento 2 extensions as a store owner, you will be able to make the process of buying your products easier and more convenient for customers. This is a good way to increase conversions at an online store.