Webhooks for Magento 2

Webhook for Magento 2 is a well-rounded solution for store owners seeking efficient data management and synchronization. Its powerful features, ease of use, and improved data handling make it a valuable addition to your online store.

  • Optimize workflow via real-time event notification
  • Enhance data synchronization via API requests
  • Improve customer retention via abandoned cart notifications

Lack of real-time updates between your e-commerce store and external applications can lead to inconsistencies and delayed responses, which can affect the customer experience.


Our module recognizes and instantly sends API requests upon specific event triggers, ensuring seamless data synchronization and efficient store management.

Why Magento 2 Webhooks extension is useful for your store?

better product description

Real-time Data Sync

It enables immediate synchronization between your store and other applications upon specific event triggers.

better conversion

Enhanced Customer Care

It offers an opportunity to instantly handle abandoned carts and improve the speed of your support staff response.

satisfied customers

Efficient Data Management

The module logs and manages API requests and responses efficiently, providing you with control over data traffic.

Immediate notifications and alerts for better store management

Stay ahead with features designed to better manage your e-commerce store. Real-time notifications ensure you're in tune with every event from new orders to changes in product inventory. Coupled with abandoned cart alerts, your business is given a golden opportunity to recover potentially lost sales. The inclusion of a comprehensive log system and API request management establishes seamless connectivity, all while providing critical insight into the request-response landscape of your store.

Real-Time Notifications

This feature ensures you're always in the know. When something important happens, like a new order or a change in product inventory, you'll get an immediate update. You won't miss a beat in your store's activity.

Abandoned Cart Alerts

You'll receive alerts whenever a customer leaves without completing their purchase. This gives you the chance to reach out and possibly recover the sale

Comprehensive Log System

This feature keeps a detailed record of requests and responses. In case of any mishaps, the log can assist in pinpointing the problem. Furthermore, it allows for a comprehensive view of all activities in one look.

API Request Management

API Requests connect your store to external systems. With this feature, updates from your store are automatically sent to your CRM, Email Marketing tools, or other systems, keeping everyone in the loop.

Magento Webhooks extension key features

  • Real-time Event Recognition. Our module swiftly recognizes any event that occurs within your store. Whether it's a new order, customer registration, or product update, it promptly prepares and sends the API request. This real-time functionality ensures your store stays connected and synchronized with other platforms.
  • API Request Management. The module is not just limited to recognizing events. It meticulously sends API requests to other servers or applications at the exact moment the specified events occur. This feature ensures smooth data flow between your Magento store and connected platforms, enhancing overall business efficiency.
  • Abandoned Cart Notifications. One of the standout features is the ability to send API requests when cart abandonment happens. This feature allows for quick response, potentially converting abandoned carts into successful sales and boosting your store's performance.
  • CRM Integration. Our module seamlessly sends new and updated customer or order data to CRM systems, ensuring streamlined and updated data flow. This feature allows you to maintain a centralized and organized database, boosting your sales and after-sales processes.
  • Log Management. Our module logs each request and response, keeping track of all successful and error entries. This functionality gives you clear visibility and control over your data traffic, allowing for easy troubleshooting and efficient data management.
  • Error Alert System. The module ensures you stay informed about any error during API request dispatches by sending notification emails. This feature allows for prompt error resolution, keeping your store's operation smooth and hassle-free.
  • Resourceful Data Transfer. This extension sends real-time data and also moves all the current information required for integration. It efficiently utilizes system resources and ensures controlled data transfer for high traffic websites.
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