Does Follow-Up Email sends abandoned cart emails to Guests?

Our Follow-Up Email extension has a unique feature of email capture. It allows our extension to store customer email once it was entered to field with corresponding name.

For example, if Guest subscribed to Magento 2 news, his email immediately will be captured and if this Guest will abandon his cart - we will know, where email should be sent.

We also monitor Contact forms, checkout steps, quote generating and virtually any field, which has type of email address. So in most cases we are able to send customer a email with his abandoned cart reminder.

The only case, when we can not send it - when customer just created a cart, but never left his email in any place on your store.

Did you know…

… that our Follow-Up Email triggers can be restricted only to specific audience - group of customers, which match to a set of criteria. We have a very flexible set of conditions, so you can split all your customers into different groups and provide them with most personalized emails. It can greatly boost confidence and dedication of your customers.

Selected audience is connected with email chain time conditions, which allow you to have different emails also for different time periods. You can even include a time-expiring coupons to your emails, motivating customers to return back quicker.