Does your Help Desk MX for Magento 1 supports signatures for agents?

Our Help Desk MX for Magento 1 extension supports signatures for agents, but their definition can be tricky. It is binded to admin users, that are defined in System → Permissions → Users section.

Pick a user here and edit its record. Inside you will see additional tab, added by our extension - Help Desk. It contains signature definition.

Just write down signature you need to Signature for Emails, and save it. Our extension will use it in all notification emails, sent from the name of selected user.

You can also use Rich HTML in your signatures. For that you need either to manually put HTML code to the Signature for Emails field, or turn on WYSIWYG editor in backend.

To enable WYSIWYG editor you need to navigate to Help Desk → Settings → General Settings section and enable option Use WYSIWYG Editor in backend.

Save configuration, and from that time signatures can be created in convenient visual editor.

Important Note: Our application uses for signature displaying special variable. If for some reason signature is defined correctly, but not added to the emails, make sure, that its template contains variable or .

Did you know…

… that despite we do not add new features for Help Desk MX, it still remains the best extension for establishing effective support for your customers in Magento 1.

For example, it allows you to integrate HelpDesk ticket submission form to any template you need with just one line of code. It also has sophisticated Spam filter, which can use regular expressions to analyze email content. And it allows you to automate your daily support tasks with Workflow Rules. You can even connect Help Desk with our RMA extension and effectively turn tickets to returns.