How can I see Archived tickets in Magento 2 Help Desk

Unlike Magento 1, Magento 2 have more sophisticated design of data grid. It allows you to have more then one view, thus making obsolete numerous supplemental grids, that display basically the same data.

Help Desk MX displays all tickets in single grid, which is located at Customers → Help Desk MX section. Like every Magento 2 grid, it has two special buttons at the tools ribbon - Filters, Columns and Default View.

Columns button allows you to select, which columns should be shown on data grid. In order to view Archived tickets, we need to display Folder column:

Once Folder column is displayed, we can use it for filtering. To display just archived tickets, we need to check Archived value in Folder filter and click Apply Filters:

This will make Tickets grid display only that tickets, that were moved to Archive.

But do we really need to follow the steps above each time we need to see Archived Tickets? No, we don’t. Magento 2 allows us to save current state as View. All we need, just to click on Default View button and in drop-down menu select Save View As.

Magento 2 will prompt then for a name, say, “Archived Tickets”, and will save your current grid state as a new item of that drop-down.

After that, you can freely return to default view, or continue work with different filters. But each time you need to see Archived Tickets, you just need to click again on View button and select Archived Tickets option.

Did you know…

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You can even have different schedules for different stores and even for different time periods.