How a store can almost instantly communicate with its customers

Nowadays, a marketer has a wide variety of instruments for contacting customers. A significant part of these tools is a tactic for an online store to quickly establish contact with its shoppers and invite them to cooperate.

A classic example of one of such tactics is the email message. A Magento-based store can easily configure and automate them via Follow Up Email extensions. This module is useful for the full automation of email marketing. A store gains abilities to greet a client with important dates, like holidays. Alternatively, a store can issue and deliver via email a promotion coupon. Email marketing can be used in many more ways.

However, emails as a communication method are not always suitable for immediate contact with the customer. When a task of instant communication occurs, a store can utilize an extension such as Push Notifications. It opens the communication with customers in a whole new way.

With a practical and useful for daily usage Push Notifications extension, the store customers can get and read messages immediately as the store sends them. Such messages will not be piled in the incoming folder of the customer’s email account.

A pop-up with a web-push notification is a message that a website can show to any of its visitors. Web browsers request an informed agreement from the visitor in order to display push messages. The client will receive all future pop-up messages on the particular web page, when the request is confirmed.

The extraordinary thing about push technology is that visitor doesn't need to keep the page in an active state to get push notices. Instead, they can close the tab, and still get the messages a store sends them.

Whether the PC is switched off, these messages can be delivered when it is re-launched. Web-pop-up messages provide a ton of benefits when contrasted with subsequent email messaging. Push technology incorporates the accompanying:

  • It's incredibly easy for the customer to get consent to receive push messages. He simply has to click the "Yes" pop-up message on his first visit to the page.

  • Web-message pop-ups appear after the moment a store sends them. This is distinctively dissimilar to email messages which are usually read some time after they are sent. Likewise, a few emails can wind up going to spam; alternatively, clients may read them in a seldom manner.

  • CTR for the push notices is 10x higher than for a typical email.

The Mirasvit’s Push Notifications module permits a store to show web-pop-up messages to guests or clients in an automated manner based on a set of predefined rules.

All messages the module issues work fine on any popular web browser, including Chrome, Opera, Firefox. They work flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices.

When a customer visits the store for the first time, he will receive a proposal to opt in the campaign of receiving the push messages. Once the client grants permission to send him messages, the extension will link his account in an automated manner.

Push notices can be sent in one of the accompanying methods:

  • Automatically. A manager can make a standard set of rules accompanying a specific client for sending messages to him. For instance, a coupon can be offered to a client who stopped in the middle of shopping for more than five hours if the order is $500 or more. Alternatively, a push message can be issued after the client finished his current shopping journey.

  • Manual notifications. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to communicate manually. A store manager can issue such notification for a whole or a specific subgroup of clients. This can be, for example, a message that informs on a significant occasion or a promotion.

In any case, the push message will be delivered and seen by the customer in a few minutes.


Perhaps push notifications are one of the fastest automatic ways to communicate with customers. Using it, a store will be able to react faster to the requests and actions of customers and increase their loyalty which may lead to increased profits.