Push Notifications for Magento 2

Notify your customers directly through their browsers with our Push Notifications Extension.

This extension gives you the ability to contact your customers in a whole new way.

Your customers can read your messages immediately after they have been sent since they will no longer be buried in their email's inbox, and you can deliver your messages to them quickly.

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Feature Highlights

A web-push notification is a nudge message that a given site shows to its customers. To receive this message, customers must click on the "Yes" button in the browser popup. By doing this, the customer subscribes to any and all future push notifications from your store.

The great thing about this function is that your customer does not have to keep your site open in order to receive these notifications. They can close your site's tab, and still receive these messages, as you can still send them these messages.

Even if the computer is turned off, these messages will be received as soon as it is turned back on.

Web-push notifications have a lot of advantages when compared to a follow-up email, and include the following:

  • They are very easy to subscribe to.

    All you have to do is click the "Yes" button on the subscription invitation.

  • Web-push notifications show up right after sending them

    Unlike emails which usually are not read right after the recipient gets them. Also, some emails can end up going to the spam folder and rarely be read.

  • Web-push notifications have ** ten times more CTR** than a usual email subscription.

Our extension allows Magento stores to show web-push notifications to visitors or customers using our predefined rules.

Notifications work on Chrome, Opera, Firefox browsers, on both desktop and mobile devices.

After entering the site, a customer will get a browser pop-up with an offer to subscribe.

This extension will automatically link the customer's subscription to the customer's account (if they are registered), and then they will get notifications according to the set rules.

Notifications based on Rules configured for different events

You can create a rule that comes with a message sent to a particular customer according to assorted conditions.

For example, you can offer a discount coupon to a customer who abandoned their cart five hours previously on an order of $500 or more. Alternatively, you can send a review reminder after a purchase has been made.

The extension allows you to create unique, customized rules for various tasks with great flexibility.

Rules can be based on the following events:

  • Customer related events (logged in, subscribed to the newsletter, etc.)
  • Shopping Cart related events (abandoned cart)
  • Order related events (status events)
  • Wishlist related events (shared or product added)

Manual notifications

You can manually create notifications for all of your subscribers or a particular subgroup announcing the beginning of a new promo, an important event, etc.

Your customers will see this notification just a few minutes after you've sent it.

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Customer Reviews 17
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Very simple to install
Anzi  from United States
This module is very easy to integrate and is a great future for store owers to push store notifications.
Marcin  from Reda, Poland
I had some issues with extension compatibility. I had to remove it but I'm planning to install it again. Support assistance is quite helpful and willing to solve an issue.
Great addiction to our site
cangura  from Ljubljana, Slovenia
Nicely providing additional info to our site users on https://cangura.com
Good Plugin
Xubee  from Durban, South Africa
It's a good plugin but needs improvement. Good Work Mirasvit!
Just As I Wanted
Arvinder  from Mohali, India
Working like charm, I can share the push notification when I want and update my users with their order status.
Just what we needed
Rich  from London, United Kingdom
Great module and easy to use and as always great support from Mirasvit.
Great Extension
Brandon  from Berkeley, United States
Works perfectly. We have no complaints.
Great Extension!
wrc  from Istanbul, Turkey
Great extension great support and features. So far all works very well.
Thank you Mirasvit!
Superiour to competitors but with improvement potential
HappyMagento  from Nairobi, Kenya
This extension does offer by far the most options and features compared to other extensions providers offering push notification integration for magento.
However I do see improvement potential. Integrate time zones support that people get push notifications not at night while sleeping.

Also an interaction with the customer segmentation would be great to allow send targeted push notifications.
great extension
kingkk7  from Romford, United Kingdom
Hi I've used this extension for a little while and it works great,
i would love it if it had the hero images sent also, like the bigger images you receive sometimes from push notifications
Great product
Harry  from Athens, Greece
I suggest it 100% working
awesome extension
Brandlive  from Buenos Aires, Argentina
bought it and works fine!
Installed also: Advanced Product Feeds M2
Push Notifications
Allan  from Shepperton, United Kingdom
this extension compared to all other extensions from different companies my best experience was with Mirasvit I never ever had to open a ticket to get technical support on extension.
Awesome extension
Esajee.com  from Islamabad, Pakistan
There was some issue but support fixed it quickly and extension is dense cover maximum cases
mandatory extension
vittorio  from Turin, Italy
Powerful, effective but simple to use and configure. A truly unmissable module. No installation problem on magento 2.1.6. It works perfectly on smartphones and tablets.
Installed also: Product Labels M2
Excellent extension
Shaheer  from Islamabad, Pakistan
Hi there, I've purchased two extensions first it was follow up email extension and then this one Magento 2 web push notifications, I've only 2 months of experience with Magento 2 but still with that little knowledge I was able to install these extensions without any errors, these extensions work like a miracle. Compared to all other extensions from different companies my best experience was with Mirasvit I never ever had to open a ticket to get technical support on extension. When it comes to functionality Mirasvit extensions have all you need.
I'm really glad I found them somehow.
Installed also: Follow Up Email M2Affiliate M2
Good One
Vinay  from India
Good way to contact customers without sending them mails
Manual & Support
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