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Advanced SEO Suite

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Compatible with: Community: 1.4.1 - 1.9.3
Enterprise: 1.11 - 1.14.2

Advanced SEO Suite allows you to optimize the specific categories and product groups for specific search terms on a template. This will greatly improve the performance of your store in various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

Optimization for key phrases

Optimization for specific search phrases on the template

You can setup Meta tags, H1 heading, and search engine friendly description for any categories, products and layered navigation results on the template.

Templates can be different for different categories.

Templates can use different variables

You can setup a template for Meta Title of categories, "Buy [category_name] in New York" or a template for Meta Description of product "Buy [product_name], [product_brand], [category_name] in New York. Free delivery.".

Ability to set unique Meta tags, H1 headings, and search engine descriptions for any page of your store

For example, you can setup unique SEO data for results filtering by brand and promote your page by search phrases which contain that brand.

URL optimization

Product URL Key Templates

You can generate product URL keys using templates like "[product_name] [product_sku] [by {product_manufacturer}] [color {product_color}]".

Single product URL for whole store

The single product URL is set for the whole site (a variant like or is possible).

The product URL is always the same for any category or block. The product URL is always the same for products in different categories.

Friendly URLs for layered navigation

This replaces a standard link like to a link like

Keywords used in the links, positively influence the search results for phrases that contain those keywords.

Friendly URLs for the product tags and for the comments on the products

Product tag URL:

Product reviews URL:

Single review URL:

Friendly URLs for product images

You can setup SEO-friendly URLs of product images. You can use a template for URLs generation (e.g. [product_name]-[product_sku]-[product_brand]).

301 redirects for duplicates of the home page

Pages,, will be redirected to

Canonical links

Correct Canonical links

The canonical links fully agreed with the single product URL. There will no longer be a situation resulting in one product URL having a different canonical link.

Ability to set Cross Domain Canonical URL

This is important for stores that contain multiple store views with different domains. Find more details here.

Ability to set canonical URL for each product

If you have multiple stores, you can set a canonical store URL for each product, which is sold simultaneously in the different stores. Therefore, you will have the same canonical URL for all store views.

Ability to manually set Robots Meta Header for any page

This way you can eliminate those pages, which are unnecessary to index by search engines. You can set a robots meta tag for any site page. The following options are possible: "NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW", "INDEX, NOFOLLOW", "NOINDEX, FOLLOW"

Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”

This is a very important hint for search engines to indicate the relationship between component URLs in a paginated series and avoid duplicates. More details...

Paging optimization

This removes the parameter p=1 from the link to page 1 in the products catalog. Page N in the products catalog adds “Page N | “ in the META title (except for the first page).

Frontend Site map optimization

Ability to show all links of the store in a single sitemap page

This shows all the links of the store (categories, products, CMS pages) on one page. It significantly accelerates the search engine's indexing of new content, as all links are on one page and there is no need to look through all the pages of website.

Ability to add any links to the sitemap and hide certain CMS pages from the site map

You are able to have complete control over the sitemap of your online store. You can add any links and hide links to unused pages.

Convenient sitemap URL

It replaces the default sitemap link to a more the convenient,

Ability to split sitemap on few pages

If you have a huge number of products, this option allows you to limit the number of links on each page of the frontend sitemap.

Google Sitemap optimization

Creates the correct Google Sitemap

All sitemap links are equal to the canonical product links. The site map contains the correct domain name which is important for the stores with several store views.

Ability to add all product pictures to the site map

Google indexes product pictures and adds them to the picture search attracting more traffic to your store.

SEO-friendly URLs for images in the sitemap

You can change URLs of images from something similar to .e95/catalog/product/n/07... to a SEO-friendly variant in the sitemap.xml.

Custom image sizes

You can set Weight and Height for images in the xml sitemap. The extension will automatically resize image to the necessary size.

Ability to add links of product tags to the site map

Product tags have the possibility to be very good keywords for Google. Therefore, adding their links to the sitemap can be a good option for a store's SEO.

Ability to split the site map into several files by the size or by the number of links and create Sitemap XML Index

Google only accepts up to 50000 URLs per sitemap or a file size of 10MB. If you have a large catalog you need to enable this option and the sitemap will be split into smaller files that get approved by Google.

Ability to add any links to the sitemap and hide certain CMS pages from the site map

You will have complete control over the Google sitemap of your online store. You can add any links and hide links to unused pages.

Other Features

Generation of product images ALT by template

You can use a template to automatically create ALTs for all your product images. You can use different variables in such templates (e.g. [product_name] [product_brand]).

Google Rich Snippets and Opengraph support

Google Rich Snippets provides structured data in Google search result snippets. With this function Google will display richer item previews in the search results (called "Rich Snippets") with information about prices, availability, images, reviews, etc. This typically increases Click-Through-Rates (CTR) by up to 30%.

Automatic creation of Internal crosslinks

You will have the ability to automatically create the internal and external crosslinks between the pages of products, categories, and CMS pages for the keywords.

Robots.txt Editor

You can edit the robots.txt file directly from the backend

Automatic Internal Links

This extension includes our powerful extension Automatic Internal Links. It allows you to automatically create links by linking keywords and phrases to the promoted store pages.

Support of different 3rd party plugins

This extension is compatible with many different 3rd party extensions, including:

  • Layered Navigation: GoMage_Navigation, Amasty_Shopby, Mana_Filters, MGS_Filterslayer, EM_LayeredNavigation

    (Our feature Layered Navigation Friendly URLs will be disabled. Will be used the same feature of 3rd party extension);

  • CorlleteLab_Imagezoom, Fooman_Speedster, Fooman_SpeedsterAdvanced, Conekta_Card, Aoe_JsCssTstamp, Creativestyle_CheckoutByAmazon, EM_Cloudzoom, Bintime_Sinchimport, Iceshop_Icecatlive, Pektsekye_OptionExtended, Amasty_Fpc, Dnd_Patchindexurl, Amasty_Sorting, Aitoc_Aitmanufacturers, Fishpig_AttributeSplash, Catalin_SEO.
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  • Redirects stability improvements introduced
  • Magestore Shop By Brand compatibility enhanced(for some stores)
  • Magpleasure Ajax Reviews compatibility added
  • Codazon Blogfeatures compatibility for sitemap introduced


  • Fixed adding duplicate canonical and/or alternate links when Head block class is called multiple times during the page load (for some stores)




  • Fix incorrect query
  • Fixed incorrect info in SEO toolbar
  • Minor stability and compatibility adjustments introduced




  • Validator and third-party extensions compatibility adjustments introduced
  • Compatibility with older Magento versions improved


  • Fixed SEO Friendly URLs for Layered Navigation when "Category URL Suffix" is set to "/"




  • stability and compatibility adjustments




  • Validator adjustments
  • Rich Snippets accuracy and price formatting improved
  • Canonical links accuracy on https:// pages improved
  • Minor compatibility adjustments introduced


  • Fixed trailing slash redirecting of a Home page for some stores
  • Fixed error if Itactica Layered Navigation installed
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect redirect order
  • Old debug code deleted
  • Fixed an error with incorrect sitemap xml because of wrong symbol




  • Minor stability improvement added
  • Opengraph tags for Facebook actualized
  • General compatibility enhancements introduced


  • "Main Store for Canonical Url" for multilingual stores with non-default product URL keys on different store views fixed
  • Fix redirect (for some rules)
  • Stability adjustments introduced to avoid issues on Magento reindex(for some stores)
  • Fixed an issue with templates to add links inside




  • Add Twitter summary cards on store product pages
  • Added possibility to remove "keywords" meta tag from store pages code


  • Stability improved
  • Organization snippets enhanced(custom logo file, links to social profiles)




  • Compatibility and stability improved.
  • Usability improvement. Adds possibility to sort rewrites and redirects by store view.
  • Improved redirects and auto links import for multiple store views


  • Improved processing of redirects with question mark and cyrillic symbols in the URL.
  • Fixed bug with special symbols in image caption for Google sitemap




  • validator and compatibility adjustments
  • Improved protection from "redirect loop" errors caused by misconfigured redirect rules
  • Code adjustments made to improve redirect rules processing speed
  • Compatibility patch introduced for Quickshop quick view pages not to get indexted as duplicate content
  • Improved handling of special symbols and product attributes that return "yes/no" values in SEO Templates variables


  • Patch implemented to avoid 100 router iteration for unexistant tags friendly URLs


  • "Redirects management" documentation section actualized




  • <image:title> and <image:caption> tags can now be included into Google sitemap


  • Added possibility to define priority for SEO rewrite and redirect rules.
  • Code and compatibility improvements made
  • Validator minor improvements made
  • Compatibility with languages without space (Chinese, Thai etc.)
  • Improved product image handling when generate Google sitemap for stores with secure URLs(https://)


  • Rich snippets for categories actualized
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect redirect (for some stores)
  • Fixed alternates pointing to disabled products (for some stores)




  • Fixed "id already exists" error ( for some stores )




  • Guiding system introduced to help webmasters configuring SEO Suite
  • Post-install information message added
  • Provided ability to define category description via SEO Templates
  • Added ability to choose separator symbol for complex filter names in Layered Navigation
  • Added option to skip crosslinks pointing to current page


  • Performance improved
  • Ability to exclude store view from the list of "alternates" added
  • Rel="alternate" and hreflang links for AW Blog pages introduced
  • Maximum number of crosslinks per page calculation optimized


  • Crosslinks subsystem compatibility adjustments for newer versions of AW Blog extension


  • "Extension Disabling" and "General Configuration" manual sections actualized
  • Description for "Skip links pointing to current page" added and "Don't add links inside tags" description extended




  • Improved SEO Friendly URLs generation for category filters in Layered Navigation
  • Improved handling of special characters in internal link keywords
  • Exclude URLs with Google Analitics and Google Adwords parameters from altering and redirecting
  • Stability enhancements
  • Compatibility enhancements
  • Improved pattern for redirect
  • Extendware_EWImageOpt compatibility
  • ImageMagick compatibility
  • SEO-104 now all attributes of the redirect can be imported
  • SEO-102 Compatibility improvements added
  • SEO-103 Validator adjustments


  • Fixed an issue when price lesser than 1 did not appear in rich snippets
  • Fix for prices with comma in product rich snippets
  • Fixed an issue when [category_parent_name] variable returned value from incorrect store view
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect friendly image url
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect suffix update for alternate links
  • Fix notice
  • Fixed an issue where template return an incorrect data if attribute is empty
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect Open Graph image url (for stores which use CDN)




  • KB-16 - Knowledge base sitemap




  • Fixed an issue with page load time if use a lot of seo templates (affects from 1.3.0)




  • Category Rich Snippets block made visible as "stars" won't be displayed by Google if it is hidden
  • "Missing argument" warning fixed for microdata version of Organization snippets
  • SEO-100 extension's stability enhanced, possible reindex error and "Division by zero" warnings fixed


  • Added more useful links
  • SEO-88 - Added troubleshooting information on Google caching mechanism
  • SEO-1 Added general post-installation guide




  • SSM-28 - Fixed an issue with unrecognized image type (affects all)


  • SEO compatibility improved
  • SSM-29 - Improved script for command-line Google sitemap generation


  • SEO configuration description rearranged
  • Added "Paths of templates to add links inside" option description




  • "Missing argument" warning fixed for microdata version of Organization snippets
  • SEO-100 - extension's stability enhanced, possible reindex error and "Division by zero" warnings fixed




  • Remove old files




  • SSM-27 - Solved possible problem with memory overflow during google sitemap generation




  • Add variables category_url, product_url
  • SAL-26 - Possibility to add autolinks based on block or template information
  • SAL-25 - Add frontend debugging mechanism for added autolinks


  • Possible class conflicts resolved and validator adjusted
  • SAL-25 - Add frontend debugging mechanism for added autolinks


  • Fixed minor compatibility issue with PHP prior to 5.3 version
  • SAL-28 - "Links limit per page" works incorrectly
  • SEO-99 - Incorrect work of "number of substitutions"

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