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Advanced SEO Suite allows you to optimize the specific categories and product groups for specific search terms on a template. This will greatly improve the performance of your store in various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

Feature Highlights

Optimization for key phrases

Optimization for specific search phrases on the template

You can setup Meta tags, H1 heading, and search engine friendly description for any categories, products and layered navigation results on the template.

Templates can be different for different categories.

Templates can use different variables

You can setup a template for Meta Title of categories, "Buy [category_name] in New York" or a template for Meta Description of product "Buy [product_name], [product_brand], [category_name] in New York. Free delivery.".

Ability to set unique Meta tags, H1 headings, and search engine descriptions for any page of your store

For example, you can setup unique SEO data for results filtering by brand and promote your page by search phrases which contain that brand.

URL optimization

Product URL Key Templates

You can generate product URL keys using templates like "[product_name] [product_sku] [by {product_manufacturer}] [color {product_color}]".

Single product URL for whole store

The single product URL is set for the whole site (a variant like or is possible).

The product URL is always the same for any category or block. The product URL is always the same for products in different categories.

Friendly URLs for layered navigation

This replaces a standard link like to a link like

Keywords used in the links, positively influence the search results for phrases that contain those keywords.

Friendly URLs for the product tags and for the comments on the products

Product tag URL:

Product reviews URL:

Single review URL:

Friendly URLs for product images

You can setup SEO-friendly URLs of product images. You can use a template for URLs generation (e.g. [product_name]-[product_sku]-[product_brand]).

301 redirects for duplicates of the home page

Pages,, will be redirected to

Canonical links

Correct Canonical links

The canonical links fully agreed with the single product URL. There will no longer be a situation resulting in one product URL having a different canonical link.

Ability to set Cross Domain Canonical URL

This is important for stores that contain multiple store views with different domains. Find more details here.

Ability to set canonical URL for each product

If you have multiple stores, you can set a canonical store URL for each product, which is sold simultaneously in the different stores. Therefore, you will have the same canonical URL for all store views.

Ability to manually set Robots Meta Header for any page

This way you can eliminate those pages, which are unnecessary to index by search engines. You can set a robots meta tag for any site page. The following options are possible: "NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW", "INDEX, NOFOLLOW", "NOINDEX, FOLLOW"

Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”

This is a very important hint for search engines to indicate the relationship between component URLs in a paginated series and avoid duplicates. More details...

Paging optimization

This removes the parameter p=1 from the link to page 1 in the products catalog. Page N in the products catalog adds “Page N | “ in the META title (except for the first page).

Frontend Site map optimization

Ability to show all links of the store in a single sitemap page

This shows all the links of the store (categories, products, CMS pages) on one page. It significantly accelerates the search engine's indexing of new content, as all links are on one page and there is no need to look through all the pages of website.

Ability to add any links to the sitemap and hide certain CMS pages from the site map

You are able to have complete control over the sitemap of your online store. You can add any links and hide links to unused pages.

Convenient sitemap URL

It replaces the default sitemap link to a more the convenient,

Ability to split sitemap on few pages

If you have a huge number of products, this option allows you to limit the number of links on each page of the frontend sitemap.

Google Sitemap optimization

Creates the correct Google Sitemap

All sitemap links are equal to the canonical product links. The site map contains the correct domain name which is important for the stores with several store views.

Ability to add all product pictures to the site map

Google indexes product pictures and adds them to the picture search attracting more traffic to your store.

SEO-friendly URLs for images in the sitemap

You can change URLs of images from something similar to .e95/catalog/product/n/07... to a SEO-friendly variant in the sitemap.xml.

Custom image sizes

You can set Weight and Height for images in the xml sitemap. The extension will automatically resize image to the necessary size.

Ability to add links of product tags to the site map

Product tags have the possibility to be very good keywords for Google. Therefore, adding their links to the sitemap can be a good option for a store's SEO.

Ability to split the site map into several files by the size or by the number of links and create Sitemap XML Index

Google only accepts up to 50000 URLs per sitemap or a file size of 10MB. If you have a large catalog you need to enable this option and the sitemap will be split into smaller files that get approved by Google.

Ability to add any links to the sitemap and hide certain CMS pages from the site map

You will have complete control over the Google sitemap of your online store. You can add any links and hide links to unused pages.

Other Features

Generation of product images ALT by template

You can use a template to automatically create ALTs for all your product images. You can use different variables in such templates (e.g. [product_name] [product_brand]).

Google Rich Snippets and Opengraph support

Google Rich Snippets provides structured data in Google search result snippets. With this function Google will display richer item previews in the search results (called "Rich Snippets") with information about prices, availability, images, reviews, etc. This typically increases Click-Through-Rates (CTR) by up to 30%.

Automatic creation of Internal crosslinks

You will have the ability to automatically create the internal and external crosslinks between the pages of products, categories, and CMS pages for the keywords.

Robots.txt Editor

You can edit the robots.txt file directly from the backend

Automatic Internal Links

This extension includes our powerful extension Automatic Internal Links. It allows you to automatically create links by linking keywords and phrases to the promoted store pages.

Support of different 3rd party plugins

This extension is compatible with many different 3rd party extensions, including:

  • Layered Navigation: GoMage_Navigation, Amasty_Shopby, Mana_Filters, MGS_Filterslayer, EM_LayeredNavigation

    (Our feature Layered Navigation Friendly URLs will be disabled. Will be used the same feature of 3rd party extension);

  • CorlleteLab_Imagezoom, Fooman_Speedster, Fooman_SpeedsterAdvanced, Conekta_Card, Aoe_JsCssTstamp, Creativestyle_CheckoutByAmazon, EM_Cloudzoom, Bintime_Sinchimport, Iceshop_Icecatlive, Pektsekye_OptionExtended, Amasty_Fpc, Dnd_Patchindexurl, Amasty_Sorting, Aitoc_Aitmanufacturers, Fishpig_AttributeSplash, Catalin_SEO.
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Excellent SEO extension
Anthony  from Indramayu, Indonesia
Use this extension for several years and make my website top local at my city. It also have free upgrade to Magento 2 version. Very satisfied!
The best SEO extension!!
Kasper  from Thisted, Denmark
Easy to setup and gives you all the steps to setup your SEO correctly and gives you the advantage of scema for your products etc.
Must have extension.
Excellent Magento SEO Extention!
DevJas  from Cardiff, United Kingdom
used this for Magento 1 & 2, love it.
Improvement in our SEO
Passy  from Durban, South Africa
This extension has greatly improved our SEO since installing it
Best SEO Extension
Martin  from Vienna, Austria
I used this extension arround 3 years in my magento 1 webshop. It worked perfectly without any problems! So i can recommend it without problems :)
Great extension and support
Dan  from United States
Great extension. Makes your SEO very easy and their support is amazing .
Full Control Over SEO
itechnical  from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
i did use it on magento 1 before migrating to magento 2 , and the functions it have is very useful and did had an issue related to language and support responded quickly to solve it .
It's great
Helen  from Shenzhen, China
this extension works great with my site. good
Boost SEO right out of the box
PGDH  from Holstebro, Denmark
Yet another amazing module from Mirasvit and their support is uncomparable.
Great Extension
Juergenp  from Vienna, Austria
We used the SEO Suite fo rYears without any troubles.
Support was also great. I Recommend that exetension!
nice addition to every M2 store
HappyMagento  from Nairobi, Kenya
Saves a lot of time and work.
nice addition to every M2 store
HappyMagento  from Nairobi, Kenya
Saves a lot of time and work.
the best SEO tool
Kingtoys  from Hoogezand, Netherlands
Very good SEO tool.
This tool do automatically many things that you otherwise have to do manually
Sehr hilfreiche Erweiterung
Thomas  from Griesheim, Germany
Seo ist ein leidiges Thema, mit der Erweiterung von Mirasvit wird die Anpassung in Magento um einiges erleichtert.
Very good extension
Eugen  from Bielefeld, Germany
A very good extension, which I can highly recommend!
great extension
frederic  from Thil, France
Very usefull and ppowerfull SEO plugin
Great Extension + reliable support
Steve  from Leoben, Austria
This extension helped us to improve our Search Engine rankings with rich snippets!
ottima estensione, la suggerisco
giuseppe  from Bari, Italy
per magento è l'unica estensione che migliora sensibilmente la seo..!
Excellent extension
Kaamastra  from Thane, India
Great extension. Does whats promised.
Installed also: Push Notifications M2
Very usefull extension
Flavius  from Timișoara, Romania
I am very satisfied with the purchase, the extension is easy to use.
If you're serious about SEO
Scott  from Coal City, United States
If you're serious about SEO and don't want to waste your time updating product by product, category by category, etc. This extension simplifies SEO management with dynamic templates and variables.
Best extension for SEO in Magento
jennifer  from Olbia, Italy
One of the best extension for Magento! optimize the entire site with jus a few click. The support always available to help you to solve the problem. We recommended it.
SEO extension
Bosco  from Capbreton, France
Thank you a great team who know what they are doing!
Great time saver!
Rob  from Brenham, United States
This extension installed with no problems. It has all the features we were looking for. Also it appears that our site has been indexed better by Google since we implemented. Thanks Mirasvit.
must have. even if you have Magento2
Vadym  from Ghaziabad, India
недаремно must have. Настільки крута штука, що після переходу на M2 будемо купувати оновлену версію. Особливо корисна (як на мене) штука - проставити автоматом посилання по всьому магазину, наприклад, на слові «бабука» на сторінку у wiki. Не потребує серйозних налаштувань.
Effectively Using this Extension
Rameez  from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Effectively Using this Extension
Muito bom!
Joao  from São Paulo, Brazil
Gostei muito da extensão, fácil de usar, vale a pena!
Very happy with Mirasvit
Michael  from Sydney, Australia
Great support and great extensions that really work!
Installed also: Full Page Cache Warmer M2
Possible to set auto internal SEO
Hiroyuki  from Komaki, Japan
If you try to SEO without this extension, you need lots of human resource.
And if Google Engine is changed, you will update this extension to cover all pages.
You need to understand this benefit.
So amazing.
Fantastic Boost in SEO
Jordan  from Adelaide, Australia
I would say that this is a must have!!! It saves your time with doing lots of manual operations with SEO. If you are serious about your positions in Google, this is exactly an extension you should purchase.
ray  from Buffalo, United States
I have been using this extension for 5 years and it is well maintained and support is reliable.
Excellent Product!
michele  from Italy
Great and Excellent product!, fully compatibile with magento 1.9.x CE, reduce TTFB and optimize the entire site, great!!!
good +++
caglar  from Ankara, Turkey
this extention has all the feateres you need
just buy it
Easy to Use
Rudy  from Corona, United States
It hits all the right fields with easy to follow instruction. The tech team is also excellent to assist when I am having difficulty to comprehend the features.

I have been using many of Mirasvit modules. There is no question if this is vendor that I visit first to consult or obtain new add-ons.
Must-have app for SEO
Nimish  from Mumbai, India
We now rank on Page 1 for several categories thanks to the plugin.
Extension Great, Support Great
Giannis  from Athens, Greece
Extension Great, Support Great
Must Have Extension for Any Magento 1 Store
Alex  from Simferopol, Ukraine
Awesome Support and Features!
Each Magento Site should have this module before stating the development...
Or You must have a Dev. mode Site to View the results and compare the layout.
Site Map looks perfect it even look like bootstrap css included.
Auto Link - is extremely recommended if You familiar with the keywords and you know what you are doing.
Hope the Extension will be updated with the list of variables for SEO templates.
I wish i have a Rich snippets and Open graph testing tool.
Good one
Timofey  from Glasgow, United Kingdom
Good extension for SEO fanatics
Best Extension and Greatest Customer Service
adil  from Los Angeles, United States
Let me start off with saying i got best tech support from alex, originally extension was not working correctly , alex went extra step did the research and found out my developer had put some customized codes that were messing with the extension. He fixed my issue made the extension work, Went back and forth many times to help with all the features and set them up for me. I had one of the best experience with these guys best customer service. I will definitely recommend this extension. Thank You alex and love the extension
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
Must have
Renzo  from Miguelopolis, Brazil
Very good extension for those who are starting and intend to have a good SEO position.
These guys are seriously awesome!
babak  from Blackburn, Australia
I cannot say enough good things about the team at Mirasvit.

They have provided ongoing support long after our supported expired the tech staff are all stars.

I highly recommend this extension it works really well especially with the great support from the Mirasvit team.
Great extension and easy to configure!
Harry  from Auckland, New Zealand
I have not enough knowledge in SEO but with well written manual I have successfully installed and configured it without headache. Mirasvit provides a fantastic technical support so if you have any issue with their extensions, they react very quickly, and do their best to solve the problem. Currently I use 4 Mirasvit's extensions and will purchase one more extension soon. Highly recommend Mirasvit!
Very useful
xavier  from Plelan-le-Petit, France
We love this extension because you can improve your SEO very quick without needed to change your code.
Love it
Sandro  from Erlinsbach, Switzerland
It's a great SEO Plugin!
Installed also: Advanced Product Feeds M2
Lukasz  from Warsaw, Poland
Perfect extension for Magento, really "Must Have"!
Istvan  from God, Hungary
It is perfect
Victor  from Hanoi, Vietnam
It is totally tired to maintain SEO for hundred thousand products. Your great extension save our business.
Great extension.
Marek  from Toruń, Poland
It's great extension which give me many capabilities in SEO.
The technical support is great, quickly resolve my problems.
Great SEO with lots of options
Samo  from Orehova Vas, Slovenia
I've decided to buy extension not only because of it's SEO dunctionality, but also because it includes Auto Links, which I succesfully use in combination with Sphix Search Ultimate.
great extension
sandro  from Milan, Italy
A must have extension, no problems at all and it works great!
Best Extension to automate Seo
naushad  from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
this suite really help you to manage your seo need for large megento catalogs,easy to install ,well docuemnted
Optimization ok
Ionut  from Dumbrava Rosie, Romania
Very ok optimization and automation links
Excellent service
Francis  from Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Mirasvit is excellent in service. We are not familiar with coding and programming. They help us to do the installation and settings. Now, the module works greatly on our system. Thank you very much.
Jam-packed with awesomeness.
Max  from Minsk, Belarus
This one is a blast, installed it once for a client of ours and never wanted for anything else from a SEO extension. WARNING: may render your SEO manager useless.
Good SEO tool
Eduardo  from Salvador, Brazil
Helps to increment more SEO data on all target pages, like products and categories. Really worth!
Great plug-in, works as promised
wootinun  from Bangkok, Thailand
Well made plug-in, great support
Great Extension!
Konstantin  from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
As promised, a great extension which helped our online business grow!
Installed also: Full Page Cache Warmer M2
Nice Plugin
Rubens  from Presidente Epitacio, Brazil
Congratulations, very nice plugin!
Excellent Advanced SEO!!!
Paulo  from Uberlândia, Brazil
Advanced SEO Module Suite very well programmed and easy to set up, Developers and Mirasvit support are very competent. We are Customer Mirasvit from 2 years ago. Congratulations, Mirasvit is excellent.
SEO all the way!
Thijmen  from Amsterdam, Netherlands
The extensions is great and add a lot of value to the magento store!
Works great!
Bojan  from Netherlands
No issues when installing and works great with the Ultimo theme we are using. Very satisfied with another Mirasvit extension!
Excellent extension, great support
Anil  from Berlin, Germany
As most Mirasvit products, this one is also amazing. it functions as described. We mainly use it for url rewrite, auto alt-tag and url generation for images, and auto linking. Overall a good product, functions as described and support is top-notch.
The only enhancement that we wish is a 404 to 301 from product pages to category pages.
Awesome SEO Plugins!
Budiono  from Jakarta, Indonesia
Another purchase from Mirasvit!
This plugins help me to optimize the existence of my website in Google search result. And it saves my time a lot. I don't have to input all the metas, short description, description, even rename the product image name! This plugins automate it. And I always love their support. This time Alexey who helped me to fix some issue found relating to my template! Good work and I highly recommend this SEO Plugins!
Great Feautures
Chris  from Bolton, United Kingdom
Has some great features and is a real bargain. Allows you to make changes easily without getting a developer involved. Although you do need a developer to install it.

Great support too.
Excellent Tool
Michael  from Sydney, Australia
Great tool for customising SEO attributes.
Good tool
Fashoop  from El Pueblito, Mexico
Good tool, but it needs to develop some things that would be very good to integrate this tool
Super extention
Marc  from Netherlands
Works great! Install it on a website that's has not the best SEO. After install the website has great improvement. Top!
So easy !!
Jean-Hugues  from Fouilloy, France
A perfect plugin to manage all the SEO in Magento. Installation was very easy and the plugin was set up in one day to start giving results some days after!! Great job from Mirasvit!
Great Plugin
Devon  from Swindon, United Kingdom
Great plugin, and very easy to use.
Great extension
Paulo  from Amadora, Portugal
This is a great extension.
Does all that advertises
Does what it says on the box...  from Australia
Excellent extension and professional support provided! We will be buying a fair few extensions from Mirasvit.
Works well
MA  from Brisbane, Australia
Works well and simplifies all the complicated SEO stuff. For M1 absolute necessity!
Lives up to it's name
Mayank  from Bengaluru, India
Gives us advanced SEO capabilities on top of what Magento provides. Love the structured data tags format. It helps in making sure pages are having Microdata, og data etc just by configuring a few options.
Super Extension
Kasper  from Thisted, Denmark
Very easy and powerfull extension and a must have for your Magento shop.
Great and fast support - thumps up.
Very useful extension, stronly recommended
Steven  from United States
Extremely Powerful and Easy to use.
Very Great Extension! Great Support! I have not programmer
Krittin  from Ban Khoi Tai, Thailand
Very helpful and easy to configure more index by google. I already prove to check via google webmaster tool Recommend!!!
Abiola  from Warminster, United Kingdom
This is money well spent. Works great.
Excellent product, it has worked well
Jaime  from Medellín, Colombia
Excellent support and great product
Installed also: Shipping Table Rates M2
Great Extension!
TLW  from Weatherford, United States
Many helpful SEO features.
The SEO Templates are a huge time saver.
Invaluable Extension
jb  from Grand Blanc, United States
best extension purchased for magento! and the developers at Mirasvit go the extra mile to set up and optimize what i later found was way outside their scope of work! highly impressed many months after fact and will be a customer for life!
Great Product
Geneboss  from Kerman, United States
Helps you improve SEO in a smart way!
Pretty Solid
Ricardo  from Hollywood, United States
Although i am still getting use to this, it's a pretty solid extension. It's worth the investment
Installed also: Affiliate M2
Great SEO extension
Armand  from Miami Beach, United States
We have been using this extension for about 6 months and had a great experience with this product and the Mirasvit support staff. If you are looking for a solid Magento Extension developer... look no further! These guys create quality code and stand behind their work.
Eva  from Madrid, Spain
Fantastic extension and great support!
Full 360 ° - Rich Customization - Maximum Support
Nicola  from San Gregorio di Catania, Italy
Excellent SEO extension, feature-rich and wide selection of customizations. Very simple to use but powerful tool for the ultimate goal. Attention should be given to the support group, very qualified, timely and always solver of problems exposed. I highly recommend this extension to the quality of the same and for the whole group Mirasvit.
Very good and must-have extention
Tran  from Hanoi, Vietnam
I am looking for an extension which help me to improve SEO quality in my e-commerce website and Advanced SEO Suite is what I looking for.

Very good extension with SEO optimization and ranking.
Great extension
yehoshua  from Tel Aviv, Israel
Has all the features you can think of in terms of SEO.
After using a few different extensions for SEO i believe mirasvit's is the best one out there.
Great support!!!!

Another MUST have extension
Jay  from Verdun, Canada
This module should come standard with Magento, it is an absolute fantastic product that every store owner should invest in. There are so many great features for the price they are practically giving this away! I ended up removing some other free SEO tools and even a custom module I wrote (with the help of stachexchange) to address page titles and I have to say that I really wish I came across this sooner.

Fantastic product and support, these guys really know what Magento needs, but this with confidence, I can't say enough about this module or this company!!
Regular Part of our toolset
Matt  from Lancaster, United Kingdom
I work at an agency where this is something that we use for all of our customers. It is a great timesaver.
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
Absolutely great!
Filipe  from Fully, Switzerland
You have to have this extension! My SEO is much better now! Fantastic. Great job guys ;)
Real help in indexing
Flavio  from Jundiaí, Brazil
As much as the information realize that magento is optimized for SEO, you will only achieve satisfactory results using a well-made module like this! Can be assured...
Recommended for multi-lingual store!
Tatsuro  from Japan
The hreflang tag and Rich Snippets can be supported with this extension. In default setting of rich snippets, gram isn't supported as weight, but their support team added it for me. This extension is good for multi-lingual seo. My products have chinese and japanese name in each store view, so it's more useful if product url supports unicode.
Great SEO
Michelangelo  from Pistoia, Italy
I love this extension. It is a great help. Regular updates and easy to use.
Powerful SEO solution
Fabio  from Pavullo nel Frignano, Italy
Magento doesn't offer much in terms of SEO, out of the box. With this extension we gained much more control over the pages meta information and indexing. Recommended.
Good Support
Taukil  from Germany
I am very impressed with this module. Save our time and money. Kudos to Mirasvit Team. Highly recomended

Alexis  from Bexleyheath, United Kingdom
Excellent extension. Has saved us time and effort and great support from the team
Just awesome! We reached #1 position in our city
Hashid  from Bengaluru, India
This is really an ultimate extension. Sensible features.
We have become #1 on Google in our City.
Installed also: Help Desk MX M2RMA M2
Awesome Support and Top Extension
Iqbal  from Manchester, United Kingdom
With the constant updates i know i am in safe hands whenever the big names make change to their upload specifications. Top support as well having had a problem with the sitemap of my store, solved in under 30 minutes.
Amazing support
babak  from Blackburn, Australia
I can't say enough about the support i have received from Mirasvit very professional and patient!

I would highly recommend them to anyone!
SB123  from Carson City, United States
Very powerful and will save a ton of time and effort if you use feeds. Great company to work with as well.
Installed also: Advanced Product Feeds M2
exactly what it says on the tin
Yakesh  from Moga, India
modules that work thanks
Solved all my HREFLANG issues!
Richard  from Central, Hong Kong
We mainly purchased this product to support the new Google HREFLANG tag requirements for our multi-country / multi-language store setup. I researched many other products that claim to support HREFLANG, but after either testing them out or asking for further information from the developer, there wasn't any available for Magento Enterprise except for this extension from Mirasvit. Furthermore, their tech support was extremely helpful in working on some further customization requirements that I had. I would recommend this product to any merchant that needs to support HREFLANG tags on their website. I haven't had the chance to test out the other SEO features on this extension, but I'm sure they will definitely help in improving our website's SEO in all the countries that we operate in. One more thing, this extension also adds the product images to my Google sitemap files, so that is also a welcome surprise!
Must have
Roman  from Mariánské Lázně, Czechia
The page urls and images urls and alt are now great for SEO.
Amazing Extension!
Jon  from Fort Wayne, United States
This extension is essential for any ecommerce site looking to maximize the SEO efforts! Very simple and easy to understand, I had this extension installed and running in no time.

Highly recommend to any and every ecommerce store owner!
Must have
Alex  from Fraga, Spain
An authentic Swiss knife, with lots of interesting features
Great plugin
Rob  from Rijssen, Netherlands
Great plugin, does everything it says it does. My third plugin from Mirasvit, more to come!

Keep up the good work!
Is perfect
Jay  from United Kingdom
Is perfect this plugin for Magento. Our Seo in Goddiva Fashion Dresses is better with this plugins.
Many thanks guys
Awesome extension even better Support
Raymond  from Mook, Netherlands
Really love the support on this extension. Extension itself required some modifications wich they made fast. Very responsive helpdesk.
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
Great Add On
Matt  from Bangkok, Thailand
The best addon specially if some one is interested to have SEO for Magento.
altdev  from Thousand Oaks, United States
This extension is well written with many useful SEO features that should have been included in the base Magento. We had no problems installing it on Magento 1.9. It is also very reasonably priced compared with some similar extensions from other developers.
Detail Oriented yet User Friendly Extension
László  from Papa, Hungary
Does what it says. I really love it, it fixes a lot of SEO needs for me, also love the fact that you can add default descriptions for categories also.
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
Erick  from Laredo, United States
very good, and also outstanding product support
perfect plugin!
floris  from Waddinxveen, Netherlands
the plugin works easy and save a lot of time.
really happy with it
Easy to use
patpat  from Drummoyne, Australia
Great extension and so easy to use!
Great extention
Rene  from Germany
This extention is great! We improved our seo results dramaticly!
Seo plugin from mirasvit
Tiem  from Ridderkerk, Netherlands
The seo package is amazing! I have config it, and now all my link urls are seo-friendly. Love this extention! Bravo to Mirasvit!
amazingly fast
Gurpreet  from United Kingdom
mirasvit extensions are great, support is fantastic and who can complain about the free updates
Works well - more helpflull than expected
Andreas  from Strasskirchen, Germany
Installed and managed to integrate Plugin... works fine for us.
Solid SEO with Customized Features
Codi  from Seattle, United States
This is a very helpful extension if you want to speed up time associated with SEO optimization. However, it may require some custom integration with modified themes.
Magento SEO fixing problems extension
alex  from Russia
Many usuful options, never seen bugs however mirasvit do post updates very often and that's great. This Magento SEO extension save your time, coding, money & keep you far away from headaches. Just make your clicks, write your Meta Tags, description and h1's and soon you'll be opted to top-10 for sure.
That's my practice!
Keep it going fellows

P.S. It fixes SEO layered navigation problems!
Quite messy
Juan  from Sheffield, United Kingdom
The ideas in this extension are great and could save a lot of work. However, I had problems running it and it modifies Magento controllers too much
Great extension
Ferenc  from Hungary
Very useful extension, recommended for everyone
simply it made my sell increse upto 70%
Milan  from Surat, India
Before this extension I had hardly any order from google search. I only had to rely on paid campaign. but now, my orders from search engines are more than 72%, which was before even less than 2%, thanks a lot !!!
Lovely extension.
MA  from Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
The functions look very well thought. Worked out of the box. Still need to research more on using how to use all features.
This is the best Magento SEO module.
Bastian  from Espergaerde, Denmark
I can only recommend :-)
Advanced SEO Suite - Review
Cristian  from Bucharest, Romania
Very good extension, made y work very easy, thanks
Easy to use for non-programmer
Kristi  from United States
We do not know how to code so it is great to have an extension that deals with technical things but makes it easy for non-technical people to implement.
great product
Albert  from United States
We purchased several extensions from Mirasvit and we could not be more happy with the quality of the product. Customer support is second to none. These guys are patient and professional.
Mirasvit is the first place we look every time we need a new extension.
A great SEO Solution
Dave  from United States
I like how it provides canonical URLs for products, and automatically redirects to the full product URL, which also provides full breadcrumbs by the system. Works great with Sphinx Search Ultimate, the ajax search will take the customer to exactly the product they want, and the breadcrumb helps them to backtrack and view other products in the category. Google is also happy because they don't find duplicate URLs for products, which Catalog URL Rewrite system is notorious for. Also layered navigation seo friendly URLs is a good benefit. And good control over our sitemap. Great extension!
Carmen  from United States
This SEO extension is beyond AMAZING! It includes everything you need for SEO plus is truly a "MUST HAVE".

The customer service is OUTSTANDING. They (Alexander) really work with me to fix all my issues and to adapt the extension to my theme....very fast, professional and knowledgeable.

I am very happy and sincerely, couldn't hope for more. I am definitively buying other extensions from them again. Highly recommended!

Thank you so much!
Great software
David  from United States
This is a great software, if a problem occurs, can quickly fix it.
Great extension and service
Chris  from United States
Quick, professional and knowledgeable support.
Better Compatibility with 3rd Party Extensions than the Competition
Scott  from United States
We use Amasty Improved Nav, and had paid $400 for Mageworx seo ultimate. After back and forth, back and forth with their support trying to get better compatibility with their SEO extension, I finally said forget it. Bit the bullet, and bought this SEO extension instead. Boom, a couple days later after working with Mirasvit support, all SEO problems solved and compatible.

These guys raise the bar.
Excellent extension
Karl  from United States
Purchased and installed yesterday in our test environment (Magento and rolled out to production this morning replacing a free extension we'd been using. It offers a lot of granular control and reduces our overheads in maintaining categories & products. Definitely recommended! Looking forward to seeing what additional functionality/improvements will be made but, very pleased so far!
Great Service and Good Quality Extension
Peter  from United States
1. The price of the SEO Extension is very reasonable compared with other competitors. Installation fees are cheaper too than others.

2.The SEO Functions are much powerful than Aheadworks. I bought a SEO extension from aheadworks, it doesn't work properly. I asked for help, but aheadworks did not fix it well ! After 3 months, the extension was not working totally ! I uninstalled it. And bought this SEO extension from Mirasvit, it works, only small issues. The technical person called Alexander Kovalchuk helped me resolve problems very professionally.

In a word, the Service and quality both are very good. I am very satisfied with this company!
Excellent Plugin - Exceptional Support
evan_dr  from United States
This plugin is imperative for any website using faceted navigation, and I have nothing but amazing things to say about Mirasvit's support. I have purchased a couple of plugins from this company, and I get a response within 24 hours every time, usually with the problem resolved. Fantastic!
Powerful PLugin & Wonderful Support
Evan  from United States
This plugin is so powerful for ecommerce sites with faceted navigation. Not only is the plugin phenomenal, the support has been so responsive and timely. I have received help within 24 hours every single time I have contacted them, and usually the problem is resolved within that time frame too. Great work!
Martin  from United States
Right up there with the best! In my opinion better written than the competitive one ( which I had on another site of mine ) . Maybe a few more features needed .. but surprisingly they listened to me and are developing them!
Great Extension! Great Support!
elena  from United States
I've bought this module in early November. And I highly recommend it to all store owners. I would say that this is a must have!!! It saves your time with doing lots of manual operations with SEO. If you are serious about your positions in Google, this is exactly an extension you should purchase.
Mirasvit provides one of the best in class support. If you have any issue with their extensions, they react very quickly, and do their best to solve the problem.
I bought this module with instalation. To make it work correctly, Mirasvit support had to make some minor changes in my system. They sent me an email where they described all the changes they've made in details.
Actually this is a second extension I purchase from them. The first one (Advanced Product Feeds) is also very helpful and work exactly in the way it was described. So my previous positive experience with this vendor played a major role in making a decision to purchase a SEO extension from Mirasvit.
Thanks a lot, guys)))
Very good plugin
grindking  from United States
This extension has greatly helped us to improve our site and to position ourselves better in the search engines. The support is really excellent and we can highly recommend this plugin.
Крайне полезный модуль
Arthur  from United States
Большая функциональность, позволяет часть работы полностью автоматизировать. Отдельная благодарность поддержке за качественную настройку модуля
Great extension
Stuart  from United States
Very straightforward to install with clear easy to follow installation instructions. The extension is rammed for a excellent features. I can not wait to start integrate them into my store! The support also seems great. Very quick, responsive and helpful
Great Extension
victor  from United States
I bought this extension + rewrite. Just great I recommend.
Really a super tool with very good Service
Anonymous  from United States
The Advanced SEO Suite is really a must for any magentoshop.
At the beginning you have fear of all the new options, but with the very clear instructions you get there too.
And if there still a problem, help the support you very fast and solves the problem.
Really a super tool with very good service
SUPER Tool een echte aanrader
Anonymous  from United States
De Advanced SEO Suite is echt een aanrader voor iedere magentoshop .
Aan het begin schrik je wel van alle opties die er bij komen, maar met de zeer duidelijke handleiding kom je er ook uit.
En als er dan toch een probleem is help de support je zeer snel en lost het probleem op.
Echt een super tool met zeer goede service
Excellent Extension / Superb Support!
Emile/  from United States
This module you should have for your Mageto Webshop
The extension is very extensive, but an email to mirasvit and within five minute's they solve the problem or rectify the problem.
Very good extension and great support.

Great job Mirasvit!
Best SEO module
Koray  from United States
I don't have this module yet but i think it's most powerful and cheap SEO module for Magento.
Thanks Mirasvit!
Aroab38  from United States
A really useful extension, in my opinion no Magento site should be without this if you are serious about ranking well in Google serps.
This extension solves the massive Magento flaw of duplicate content being created because product Urls are rewritten without the category in them.
For example becomes
Apart from the obvious issue of duplicate content this also puts products on the same level as categories. Google in other words will weigh product pages the same as categories. If you are trying to optimize for competitive keywords this is a true nightmare since it dilutes the value of important pages on your site.
Vladimir from Mirasvit also provided the best support I have ever received from any software I ever bought. I had some issues that was resolved instantly.
I really hate spending money on software! I try to avoid it any way possible! But this extension and the support they gave was absolutely worth the money. Well done guys!
AndreyUK  from United States
Guys came to my individual goals and have done a great job of setting up for my site! Very good extension and great support. Tnks!
Great product and fantastic support
fathippo  from United States
I tried to install this on and it did not work. I contacted their support who looked into the problem and found an issue with their update module. They immediately fixed it and updated their release within 30 minutes. It was also nice to be able to chat directly to support instead through an email system.
The product works great.
Excellent Extension / Superb Support!
jmolino  from United States
I purchased and installed the Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite after tediously reviewing and analyzing a number of alternative extensions that offer similar functionality.
By far, Mirasvit was superior to the others and price was also the best value.
The Mirasvit support staff and Alex are super responsive and will go above and beyond what is necessary to make sure your site is working with their extension - even so far as fixing any bugs caused by other extensions that may affect this one.
I highly, highly recommend this extension and other Mirasvit extensions. You'll be glad you chose them.
Highly recommended!
JohnM  from United States
I'm agreeing with techcom above - this extension is fantastic and the support is great! I had done the installation myself and couldn't get it working due to a user-error (permissions issue), the Mirasvit support team logged into my server, quickly figured out what I did wrong and fixed it for me - additionally, the even found a bug that was caused by another extension I had installed and fixed that one too! All within an hour of me providing them access!

These guys are really heading to the top of Magento extension development! You won't be disappointed by choosing them.

Great job Mirasvit! Thank you!
This extension is working great!
techcom  from United States
The product is amazing and support is extra super. A seamlessly powerful extension for SEO enhancement. I had an issue and contacted support. They fixed the problem in less than 24 hours.
Lifetime access to source code
Access to free support and updates for 1 year
30 days money back guarantee
One year FREE support
One year FREE updates
30 days money back guarantee
Compatible with:
Community: 1.4.1 - 1.9.4
Enterprise: 1.11 - 1.14.2
Reasons to choose Mirasvit
Client focusing and satisfaction

These are our primary. A major portion of our new clients come from referrals from our existing clients. Our professional team of developers, marketers and support staff have invested the best knowledge and experience in the field into our work, so you know you can come back to us again and again.

Remarkable support

One year free and high quality support. We go to great lengths to provide maximum satisfaction with every module you have purchased in our store. By helping you with installation, configuration, answering your every question, we do all our best to eliminate any possible problems.

Risk-free Investment

30-days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our extension’s performance for any reason, we provide a full refund.

Constant improvements and upgrades

We constantly add new features to all our modules, and are always interested in hearing your opinion and implementing your suggested features in our future developments.

Comprehensive Documentation

We provide an expanded user guide for every aspect of our extension, so you can find answers for all your burning questions.

Unencrypted source code of our products

You can customize extensions according to your needs and requirements.

Usability and Performance

The Module is easy to install and upgrade, just follow our step-by-step user guide.

Safe Magento updates

No core modifications. Just use the composer or copy the extension’s files to the root directory of your store.