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Search Spell-Correction will correct any misspelling, mistyping or misunderstanding while searching product in your online store.

Up to 20% of all product search queries are misspelled, causing your online shoppers to leave because of nil or weak product search results. Search Spell-Correction will correct any misspelling, mistyping or misunderstanding while searching product in your online store including the most vague product search terms.

Compatible with: Community - 1.9.1
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Search Spell-Correction is rated 5 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews
Magento Edition*
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Overview Search Spell-Correction

Online Stores that fail to correct product search misspellings, lose customers

While searching a product in online shop, customers frequently do not know exact spelling of a product. Just a single missing character or an extraneous character transposed will produce nil or weak results, as a standard Magento Search Module will not find right product, prompting the shopper to leave your online store believing that you do not have what they are looking for.

Just fancy up to 20% product search queries in online stores have misspellings. All those shoppers do not find they’re looking for. Our extension allows to solve this problem and increase conversion of customers who are searching a product up to 15%.

How does this extension work?

Supposably a customer searches for a laptop “Dell Inspiron”. He types this search phrase into a search box of the online store. He makes just a minor misspelling - “Dell Insperon”. Standard Magento Search will produce nil search result, but our smart extension will suggest to the customer that probably he meant “Dell Inspiron”. If a shopper agrees and clicks to this query, he receives a list of search results with a list of “Dell Inspiron” laptops from the database of products of your online shop! The customer finds the product he needs and buys it in your store!

At the moment all prominent online stores use similar functions. For example, Amazon does this in the following way.


  • Spell Correction of search queries in your online store

  • Fallback search, if search return empty result

  • Extension does not require additional software to be installed

  • Support any languages

    Extension analyze content of store and memorize all existing words and phrases

Need even better Magento Search Results? Try our extension Sphinx Search Ultimate which combined the best achievements in the field of web search!

Customer reviews for Search Spell-Correction

Most helpful Date
Very good extension
By Robert_XC on October 30, 2014

Great extension that does just what it say.
Also perfect customer support

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Great extension
By Robert on March 28, 2015      Verified Purchase

Customers often misspell when searching. With this extension they will still find what the was really searching for. I was a bit sceptic about the accuracy when we installed the extension but i am really impressed. Recomended!

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Thank you mirasvit
By Turgay on September 18, 2014      Verified Purchase

mirasvit assurance should be absolutely clean code module is fully compatible www.teleplus.com.tr

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Great one!
By XiShi.de on September 23, 2013

Purchase and Installation was done within minutes! And the Search Spell-Correction is just what we wanted for our often misspelled products on www.xishi.de

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Very Good
By Bernard_Dicor on August 5, 2013

Congratulations. This extension makes Magento search better than the original version. We recommend a lot.

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Overall Satisfaction
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  • Wildcard exceptions: support regular expressions Jan 13, 2015

  • MstCore (common for all extensions): MstCore: Incorrectly identify Magento version (effects only Magento EE with SEO extension) Dec 09, 2014

  • Issue with indexation table with search terms Nov 17, 2014

  • MstCore (common for all extensions): In some rare cases we have SQL error during installation (duplicate key name 'mstcore_urlrewrite_index1') Nov 17, 2014

  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Encoding problem with russian chars
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Attachments are downloaded without extension in FF (affected RMA extension)
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): When click "Run validation tests" for particular extension, core test not running
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Wrong extension code in the extension validator
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Ability to validate existence and CRC sum for extension files (depending on version of extension)
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Problem with check of extension status
  • Remove logging to file var/log/misspell.log
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Add checks for possible PHP cache
  • Add checks of permissions to validator
Usability and Performance
Module is easy to install and easy to upgrade, just follow step by step our user guide.
Multiple stores support
Support multiple stores, multiple languages and multiple domains.
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Search Spell-Correction

Search Spell-Correction
Search Spell-Correction is rated 5 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews
Magento Edition*
Search Spell-Correction